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A Mother Returns Home To Find Her Daughter Asleep On Top Of A Motionless Kitten

When a mother arrived home, she was greeted by a spectacle that left her speechless.

His small daughter had slept off on a seemingly inert kitty.

Children’s innocence is like a magical force that strongly affects adults’ hearts. And same sensitivity and uncomplicated way of looking at life is translated to the small creatures, who star in sequences that make everyone fall in love, while also disturbing and alarming at times.

As proven by a disturbing video that has gone viral, children’s earliest interactions with animals encourage empathy and the discovery of the other’s needs.

The small girl did not hesitate to use the old stray cat lying on the ground near her home in India as a cushion when she noticed it.

She leaned on him in her innocence to wait for her mother and sister to return from the grocery.


They didn’t locate the little girl in her room when they returned home from shopping, so they searched the house until they discovered her.

They couldn’t believe what they saw: the small animal laying on the ground. At first sight, it appeared to be a really beautiful thing between friends, but… Something didn’t feel quite right!

“We got a surprise as soon as we left the house: my little sister was sleeping on top of a stray cat,” the girl’s sibling explained.

The truth is that the cat was already dead and the child was in great anguish. Even as the female leaned on him, the kitty never altered his stance or made any gestures. Something wasn’t quite right.

A kitten would never be so motionless in front of strangers, and it would have lifted its head as soon as it heard its mother come.

This girl, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about how filthy the animal was or whether it came from the street; what drew her attention was the fact that it didn’t move. She seemed to have simply wanted to be with him till the very last moment.


How long had this little girl been left alone in her home? We’ll never find out!

What is clear is that hundreds of people got aware of the incident almost immediately and reacted angrily to the girl’s mother, Andini.

No one can believe the woman’s indolence in the face of the spectacle she discovered when she returned home.

“And they didn’t notice how long the infant was alone before she fell asleep, I’m not sure if it was on the patio or on the porch?” a user wondered.

Hundreds of comments were left on the page, with the majority emphasizing the fact that, whatever the cause, this infant was just interested in loving and caressing the kitten.

Of certainly, she should not have been left alone at home. It was possible that a disaster might occur.

At the very least, the eldest kitty received the most lovely gesture from a loving and sensitive girl who understood how to console her with her final breath.


Finally, the pussycat’s inert body was removed, and the child learned her mother a valuable lesson.

While the adult went shopping and returned as if nothing had occurred, laughing at the spectacle, the young girl remained safe and sound, worrying for the tiny animal with the characteristic innocence of children who offer their hearts unreservedly to everyone.

This is the video that is causing so much buzz on social media: