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They Take A Kitten To A Vet To Be Put To Sleep And The Man Cries Devastated

When a kitten was taken to a clinic to be “put to sleep forever,” the veterinarian was so upset that he couldn’t stop crying.

Although stray cats have a solitary social existence, they frequently establish colonies, particularly when there are females with their kittens or groups of sterile males.

These cats are always in danger, not only from the threats that the street presents, but also from the fights that arise, particularly during the mating season.

If they do not obtain the proper medical treatment, some end up severely damaged and on the edge of death.

This is the story of a sweet kitten that was saved by a group of individuals who were feeding a stray cat colony.

His health was precarious; he had a severe injury to one of his legs that made it impossible for him to move on his own.

He was in excruciating agony and suffering. As a result, the villagers pondered taking him to the veterinarian with the purpose of having him sacrificed and so putting an end to his agony.

However, fate had other intentions for this helpless kitten, and when he arrived at the clinic, veterinarian Matt McGlasson examined him and decided to intervene in his awful end.

She judged that he still had a long time to live after giving him an examination and various tests, so she treated his wounds and cared for him while he healed.

Dr. McGlasson wanted to find the kitten the best home possible so that he may live a happy life. In this regard, he said:

“My coworkers know I have a soft spot for cats; in fact, during COVID, while our kids were homeschooling, we rescued and rehabilitated four kittens.”

Despite receiving the necessary medical care, the cat’s paw had to be removed. Fortunately, the procedure went well, and he had the help of the personnel, who served as his loyal protectors during his rehabilitation.

Nemo healed well and shown himself to be a little fighter; he would begin a new life with only three legs, but he was rescued from a horrific fate.

Everyone in the clinic was won over by Nemo, who compassionately thanked him for the treatment he had gotten.

Despite the fact that Dr. McGlasson couldn’t take him home since he already had too many furry friends, one of the veterinary technicians fell in love with him and chose to adopt him.

“You have never met a nicer cat than him.” “He adores everyone,” the veterinarian explained.