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Prayers are needed for “Dr. Quinn” star Jane Seymour

Jane Seymore, a 70-year-old actress best known for her roles in “Live and Let Die,” “Dr She recently opened up about her experience with anaphylaxis, which almost killed her, in “Quinn, Medicine Woman,” among countless other movies and television shows. Host Joe Duffy questioned the actress about her role in “The Meaning of Life,” which...More Please

Sad News About Former US President Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, a former US president, will stop receiving medical treatment and started receiving hospice care. Following “a succession of brief hospital admissions,” the 98-year-old would be transferred to a hospice, the Carter Center stated in a statement on Saturday, February 18. The statement read, “Former US President Jimmy Carter today chose to spend his...More Please

Jay Leno is in our thoughts and prayers

Sadly, he was again taken to the hospital as it has been revealed that he broke two kneecaps and two ribs and fractured his collarbone. Luckily, Leno isn’t someone who gives up easily so despite the severity of his injuries he shared with his fans that he’s been feeling fine and is back to work....More Please

Morgan Freeman is fighting fibromyalgia, an unseen disease that causes paralysing aches

Suffering severe pains from a near-fatal vehicle accident, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman demonstrates that his strength of character is as unforgettable as his distinctive baritone voice. Freeman, the calming yet authoritative voice of God—he portrayed the divine entity in the films Bruce Almighty (2003) and Evan Almighty (2007)—has lifelong physical damage following a single-vehicle crash...More Please

A Wish List Compiled by an Oklahoma Foster Child.

The horrifying story of a boy that was shared on Facebook by the group “Dream Catchers for Abused Children” moved everyone to tears. This group helps and cares for children who have been the victims of any kind of family violence. Children who are abused by their parents are removed from the home and sent...More Please