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Parched Koala Desperate For Water Gets Help From Cyclists

We all depend on the kindness of strangers at some point in our lives. This thirsty koala certainly did when he was wandering along a road in South Australia searching for water after escaping a bushfire. A group of friends were out biking in the Adelaide region when the spotted the tired and overheated koala....More Please

Fishermen Save A Drowning Deer Six Miles Off The Shore

Rob Kurdy and his friends were out fishing in Long Island Sound when they spotted something six miles off shore. There, in the water, was a buck, swimming in circles. The animal was shivering and barely staying afloat so they decided to save him. They used some rope to attach him to the boat and...More Please

Two Orphaned Baby Fawns Find Comfort And Care From An Unlikely Friend

One of Norway’s best-known hunters, Halvor Sveen, has adopted two orphaned fawns after their mother died. The fawns’ mother accidentally broke her neck after she got spooked and ran into a fence. Sveen noticed she was lactating, which led him to finding the two fawns. He knew he couldn’t leave them to fend for themselves...More Please

Massive Crocodile Rescued After Getting Stuck In Flooded Canal

A giant crocodile that got stuck in a canal while searching for food has been rescued and relocated thanks to the help of wildlife officials and villagers in Sri Lanka where it was found. The Wildlife Department arrived to save the 17-foot-long crocodile, weighing nearly a ton, in Weeraduwa, Matara, after villagers reported that it...More Please

Dog With A Tumor Is Thrown Away In A Dumpster Like Trash

An instant disclaimer for anyone who is about to read this post—it‘s going to break your heart and then patch it back together. We often share heartwarming stories of rescued animals, but what the poor creature has to go through prior to that can be devastating. This particular dog story perfectly illustrates how strikingly brutal...More Please

Mother Rat Saves Her Baby From Snake

“Today while I was returning home, I witnessed this amazing act of love from a mother to her little one,” writes Rojas Montecinos Envy. She’s referring to the video she shared online after happening across a life and death battle taking place on the edge of the road. A snake had snatched a rat’s baby...More Please

Annoyed Cat Shows Yappy Dog Who’s Boss

We know the saying, “If looks could kill, her look would have led to the murder of the person she was looking at.” Thankfully, they don’t, and it’s not that gruesome! However, looks can deliver a critical message from across the room or a table faster and with more stealth and meaning than actually starting...More Please