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Girl Miraculously Adopted Her Childhood Bestie After 8 Years Apart

What are the chances of meeting your old friends coincidentally after so many years of separation? Well, it rarely happens among humans, let alone a human and an animal. But actually it does occur sometimes! If you are looking for a feel-good story to believe in miracles, this one is right up your street.  ...More Please

Loyal Cat Refuses To Leave Bedside Of Dying Woman Who Raised Her

Trooper the cat has loved one woman unconditionally for many years — 96-year-old Sarah Whaley. Way back in 2014, Alexis Hackney and her family found Trooper while they were flipping a house. They could hear her meowing from the basement and went to investigate. “She was inside the wall, and my mom and sister had...More Please

Leopard & Hyena Try Steal Wild Dogs’ Kill (Viral Video)

What happens when you mix a pack of wild dogs, one hyena, and a leopard? Chaos erupts resulting in an unforgettable sighting! In this viral video a leopard and hyena come along to try and steal a pack of Wild Dogs’ kill! This unbelievable sighting happened at MalaMala in the Greater Kruger     Guide...More Please

Whale’s Tail Slap Almost Hits Divers Video

  Whales are the largest animals on Earth and they live in every ocean. The massive mammals range from the 600-pound dwarf sperm whale to the colossal blue whale, which can weigh more than 200 tons and stretch up to 100 feet long—almost as long as a professional basketball court.     There are two types...More Please

Extremely Rare Species Of Jellyfish Caught On Camera

Scuba Ventures in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea, shows one of the rarest animal sightings in the world involving a Chirodectes maculatus, an incredibly rare genus of box jellyfish which had only been sighted once before.     Previously, the extremely rare animal was sighted only once, on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef,...More Please

Pitbull Puppy Is Overjoyed When His Rescuer Returns To Adopt Him

Dogs are beautiful little souls. Dogs give us endless amounts of affection and show unconditional love and loyalty no matter what. Dogs also show gratitude. Especially when it comes to rescue dogs and their rescuers. Perhaps it’s because somehow those dogs know they’ve been given a second chance at life. Or maybe it’s the pure...More Please