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7 Surprising Foods That Can Affect Your Vagina

Many people may already be aware that certain foods can affect how your body smells (hello garlic breath). But while we’re usually concerned with how food will affect our breath or sweat, we never really stop to think about how what we eat can affect our vagina. Certain foods can cause anything from a foul odor...More Please

Napping More Can Improve Your Love Life, Reduce Stress And Much More

Nowadays, modern busy lifestyles are often at odds among many healthy ambitions. Therefore, many people are too busy with lots of activities, which in the end makes us chronically sleep-deprived. Luckily, power naps exist and they are highly helpful and beneficial. In fact, napping boosts the function of the brain, improves problem-solving, perceptual learning, object...More Please

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Sheets

No one loves laundry day. Yet, if you’re thinking you can go more than 7 days without stripping your bed you are terribly wrong. You may not realize it, but lying in sheets full of germs and bacteria could be extremely harmful to your health. On the other hand, if you are washing the bedsheets...More Please

Spinach and Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

Nowadays, many people are turning to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, your kitchen is the perfect place to start, when you want to burst into foods abundant in flavor and nutrients. Additionally, homemade recipes are ideal for various eating styles, especially in the event of health and wellness. This spinach quiche made in a sweet potato...More Please

Gluten And Dairy-Free Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

We all crave for some sweet and delicious dessert whenever we are on a diet. Therefore, this gluten and dairy-free lemon meringue cheesecake is a perfect way to satisfy your taste buds. According to many people, this rich and creamy dessert is impossible to resist in all its glorious forms. Especially, when it’s full of...More Please

Sweet Potato Juice To Help Control Blood Sugar (Recipe Included)

Sweet potato is among the few veggies that have lots of fiber, vitamin B, and magnesium. They are extremely high in useful nutrients, yet affordable, easily available and super tasty. The regular consumption of sweet potatoes can provide countless health benefits and bring your blood sugar levels to an optimal level. In fact, the health...More Please

Fatigued, Dizzy, Short Of Breath, Difficulty Sleeping? You May Be Anemic. Try These 3 Juice Recipes To Boost Your Blood Count.

If you often experience shortness of breath and dizziness accompanied by tiredness, you may have anemia. Anemia is a condition where you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to transport the oxygen throughout the body’s tissues. People who suffer from anemia frequently experience symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, loss...More Please

14 Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar And Which Foods Reduce It

Increased blood sugar levels do not necessarily imply that one has diabetes. In fact, having high blood sugar is only one of the numerous symptoms of the disease. However, this is a serious sign that you should never ignore. In fact, by this way, the organism warns you to take care of your body. In...More Please