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Wife Documented How Their Cat Stole Her Husband In Adorable Pics

How would you feel if the love of your life was stolen by someone else? Outrageous? Envious? Heart-broken? Well, I know that feeling is hard to be expressed into words. However, this lady from Thailand was not quite worried when her husband was stolen by someone else. Because the thief was none other than their...More Please

A Sweet Shelter Cat Learns To Stand Like A Human

When a guy in Indiana first saw Roo living outside near his home, he instantly recognized her twisted front legs, but Roo didn’t appear to notice anything was wrong with her. To assist, the guy constructed a ramp leading up to his porch so that Roo could visit for food and care. The man phoned...More Please

When You See This Cat Helping its Owner Play The Piano You’ll Melt

Sarper Duman is an Istanbul-based musician and cat-parent. He rescues sick and injured cats from the streets and cares for them at his house. He frequently posts videos of himself playing the piano with his cats, which are wonderfully stunning. Every time Sarper sits down to demonstrate his musical abilities, his children join him to...More Please

Poor Cat Found in the Woods Getting Rescued

This poor stray kitty was shaking from the pain after a dog bit him. He was stranded and abandoned, but his poor pitiful cries for help were heard by some kind people who took pity on the poor kitty who was almost dead. They too him immediately to get help and rescued him from the...More Please

Cat dragging down the street trying to find help

This poor kitty was paralyzed and could hardly move, but she was doing her best dragging herself down the road with all her little might. The poor bedraggled kitty was desperately trying to find some help. He meows for help almost ran out, she just crawled aimlessly asking for help, hoping for help. Then someone...More Please

Woman Asked Her Cat: Where Are the Baby Kittens?

Whoever you considered your cat, he doesn’t share your sense of kinship. In his eyes you are just a very large cat with which he shares his safe territory. Cats are quite capable to recognize the voice of the host, but prefer to ignore. The reasons for this behavior seem to be associated with the...More Please

Kitten Found On Street Receives A Meal For The First Time

There are so many strays in India. All tourists coming to the country are surprised to see it. Taking into account their huge number, very few from them are rescued. Hunger and diseases are very common problems for stray cats and dogs in India. This baby was starving too. He is happy to be picked...More Please

Doctor sees stray cat suffocating in door

This poor cat got stuck between the sliding doors and the glass wall. Then it got worse, and he passed out. Have lost consciousness the cat may stop breathing, to stop the heart. Without immediate intensive care, your pet will die. To save him, perform CPR and administer artificial respiration. I am glad that the...More Please

This Kitty Loves Her Bath, Just Look at Her Face!

Occasionally, I will admit, that for whatever reason, cats need a bath. Most cats, unless they get use to water as a kitten, would claw like crazy to get away from the bath tub, not so with this kitty. She looks completely in her element. With her towel ears to keep out the water and...More Please

Why Do You Repeat After Me?

Pusic is a sweet black and white cat who was found on the streets in winter, sick and very weak. His humans rescued him, gave him lots of love and attention and 3 years down the line he is a healthy, loving kitty – and very talented! In this video we see him interacting with...More Please

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