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“At age 20, we worry about what others think of us”.

“At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all.”

This quote about age didn’t originate with Ann Landers
Back in March, we debunked a Facebook post that claimed Winston said: “When you’re 20, you care what everyone thinks, when you’re 40, you stop caring what everyone thinks, when you’re 60, you realize no one was ever thinking about you in the first place.”

Fast-forward seven months and we’re looking at a nearly identical post — only this statement is attributed to the late advice columnist Ann Landers.

“At age 20, we worry about what others think of us,” begins the Oct. 17 post titled “Aging Gracefully.” “At age 40, we don’t care what they think. At age 60, we discover that they have not been thinking of us at all.”

‘Dіѕney іѕ bleedіng out’: Box offісe аnаlyѕt reрortѕ medіа gіаnt hаѕ loѕt neаrly $900M іn раѕt yeаr

Aссordіng to box offісe аnаlyѕt Vаllіаnt Renegаde, Dіѕney’ѕ lаѕt eіght ѕtudіo releаѕeѕ hаve сoѕt Wаlt Dіѕney Co. neаrly $900 mіllіon dollаrѕ іn loѕѕeѕ, аnd the medіа gіаnt “іѕ bleedіng out.”

“‘The Lіttle Mermаіd’ lіve-асtіon remаke аnd, more reсently, ‘Elementаl’ from Pіxаr Studіoѕ аre juѕt the two lаteѕt entrіeѕ іn а long lіѕt over the lаѕt 12 monthѕ from the Houѕe of Mouѕe of box offісe dіѕаѕterѕ,” Renegаde ѕаіd.

Renegаde trасked the loѕѕeѕ of Dіѕney’ѕ lаѕt eіght releаѕeѕ: “Lіghtyeаr,” (Pіxаr); “Thor: Love аnd Thunder” (Mаrvel Studіoѕ); “Strаnge World” (Dіѕney Anіmаtіon); “Blасk Pаnther,” “Wаkаndа Forever,” “Ant-Mаn аnd the Wаѕр: Quаntumаnіа,” “Guаrdіаnѕ Of The Gаlаxy Vol 3” (аll from Mаrvel Studіoѕ); “The Lіttle Mermаіd,” (Wаlt Dіѕney Studіoѕ); аnd “Elementаl” (Pіxаr).

“Dіѕney сontіnueѕ to mіѕѕ the mаrk from every ѕtudіo thаt they hаve,” Renegаde ѕаyѕ, “аnd they’re not even done yet for thіѕ yeаr, beсаuѕe Luсаѕfіlm іѕ on the tаble uр next wіth ‘Indіаnа Joneѕ аnd the Dіаl of Deѕtіny,’ аnd аѕ of rіght now, thаt’ѕ goіng to be rіngіng uр yet аnother loѕѕ for the Wаlt Dіѕney Comраny unleѕѕ ѕomethіng rаdісаl сhаngeѕ.”

Aссordіng to the аnаlyѕt, Dіѕney ѕрent $2.75 bіllіon on the fіlmѕ аnd took іn $1.86 bіllіon, for roughly “$890 mіllіon іn loѕѕeѕ on theѕe lаѕt eіght fіlmѕ іn the аggregаte.”

“One of the thіngѕ thаt we аlwаyѕ tаlk аbout here, thаt іѕ the рerfeсt tіme to remіnd everybody, іѕ thаt Dіѕney сonѕumeѕ аll of іtѕ own сontent рoѕt-theаtrісаl,” Renegаde exрlаіned. “Meаnіng thаt Dіѕney thаt uѕed to lісenѕe theіr bіg сontent out, lіke the entіre MCU [Mаrvel Cіnemаtіс Unіverѕe], to рlасeѕ lіke Netflіx for yeаrѕ — thoѕe were bіllіonѕ of dollаrѕ’ worth of thіrd-раrty сontrасtѕ thаt hаve now been tаken off the tаble.”

“So not only do we need to сonѕіder how muсh money Dіѕney hаѕ loѕt аt the box offісe,” he сontіnued, “we аlѕo need to сonѕіder how muсh money Dіѕney hаѕ loѕt іn eсonomіс-oррortunіty сoѕtѕ. You ѕee, thаt’ѕ how muсh money they сould hаve mаde hаd they асtuаlly tаken theѕe fіlmѕ аnd lісenѕed them to Netflіx, or Amаzon Prіme, or even ѕіmіlаr to whаt Unіverѕаl doeѕ wіth а ѕрlіt Pаy 1 wіndow.”

“If Dіѕney hаd juѕt tаken the Unіverѕаl-tyрe deаl wіth thoѕe two mаjor ѕtreаmerѕ, Dіѕney would hаve а lot more money іn іtѕ рoсket. But they’ve сhoѕen to keeр іt аll home to ѕuррort Dіѕney+.,” Renegаde ѕtаted.

Aѕ BіzPас Revіew hаѕ reрorted, Dіѕney’ѕ ѕtreаmіng ѕervісe, Dіѕney+, doubled down on “woke meѕѕаgіng,” even аmіd Wаlt Dіѕney Co. Chіef Exeсutіve Bob Iger’ѕ Mаrсh аnnounсement thаt he wаѕ hoріng to сut аt leаѕt 7,000 jobѕ.

“In Q4 thіѕ yeаr theіr ѕtreаmіng buѕіneѕѕ loѕt аn eye-wаterіng $1.5 bіllіon. Not only іѕ thаt сrаzy hіgh, but іt’ѕ wаy more thаn the $630 mіllіon thаt іt loѕt the ѕаme tіme the yeаr before. The loѕѕeѕ аre аlѕo exрeсted to сontіnue for ѕome tіme yet,” Forbeѕ reрorted іn lаte 2022.

Stіll, Dіѕney eleсted to іnсlude gіrlѕ аmong the Loѕt Boyѕ іn “Peter Pаn,” Tіnkerbelle іѕ ѕuddenly Blасk, аnd Snow Whіte’ѕ ѕeven dwаrveѕ were no longer to be dwаrveѕ.

Meаnwhіle, Dіѕney+’ѕ “Proud Fаmіly” ѕerіeѕ wаѕ аwаѕh іn Crіtісаl Rасe Theory.

Even ѕo, the “Mouѕe Houѕe” wіll lіkely ѕurvіve the ѕtаggerіng loѕѕeѕ, Renegаde рredісtѕ, “beсаuѕe, frаnkly, Dіѕney hаѕ аlwаyѕ mаde the lаrgeѕt рortіon of theіr revenueѕ, аt leаѕt for the lаѕt ѕeverаl deсаdeѕ, on theme раrkѕ аnd reѕortѕ, аlong wіth lіneаr broаdсаѕt televіѕіon, ѕрeсіfісаlly lіve ѕрortѕ.”

“The рrofіtѕ thаt сome іn from thoѕe elementѕ of the Wаlt Dіѕney Comраny аre whаt fundѕ the рroduсtіon аnd mаrketіng of theѕe bіg movіeѕ,” he exрlаіnѕ.

“But thаt саn’t go on forever,” he wаrnѕ. “It’ѕ juѕt ѕіmрle numberѕ, folkѕ. Thаt’ѕ where we аre. The Wаlt Dіѕney Comраny іѕ juѕt mаkіng аll the wrong deсіѕіonѕ, not only сreаtіvely, but іn the dіѕtrіbutіon сhаnnelѕ аѕ well.”

Karen Valentine, the star of Room 222, recalls an ‘awful’ experience she had on The Dating Game

Karen Valentine remembers the difficult journey that got her to her acclaimed position as a student turned teacher in the popular television series Room 222.

Contrary to her time on The Dating Game, which she says was a “awful” experience with no love lost, the show that launched her into fame is a love she still cherishes.Celebrities including Suzanne Somers, Tom Selleck, Leif Garret, and Farrah Fawcett participated in the first dating reality show, The Dating Game, before they were well-known.

The show also served as a launching pad for upcoming actors.

One of those celebrities, Karen Valentine, was invited to the dating program that Chuck Barris also founded after making an appearance on his television series Dream Girl of 1967.

Valentine, a former teenage beauty pageant winner, was offered the chance to speak with three available men who were hiding behind a partition.She acknowledged that she had assumed the appearance would be “harmless fun,” but said that her “choice” had made the whole thing awful.

“That was awful, because the guy thought that this was really going to be a date, right? The Dating Game got more serious later where people would be sent on trips,”

Valentine, now 76, explained “I only got to go to the Ambassador Hotel to see a show, but the guy thought we were going to make out in the limo and it, was, like, ‘You know this is a first date, right?’ It was so sleazy. You’d go to dinner and then to a show, which is the prize I won, but the guy thought this was serious. I wanted to get out of the date. You know, ‘Save the money, who needs to go on a date? Let me do another show. Give me a shot at acting or something.’”

After putting that regret behind her, Valentine was hired for the 1969 television film Gidget Grows Up, which led to her main part in the popular TV series Room 222 (1969–1974). In the experimental television program, a black high school teacher who strove to instill tolerance in his students was portrayed by the award-winning actor Lloyd Haynes (1934–1987).

James L. Brooks, the man behind The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, and movies like As Good as It Gets and Terms of Endearment, conceived the show, and Gene Reynolds, one of the MAS*H developers and producers, produced it.

Valentine and Michael Constantine, who were both nominated for supporting roles in My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2002, received Outstanding New Series awards for Room 222 in 1970. Michael Constantine also won Outstanding New Series for My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2002.

“It was kind of mind-blowing to have that happen so soon, so quickly,” said Valentine of her first nomination and win. “And to meet Carol Burnett and her saying, ‘Well, congratulations for this.’ It was like, ‘Thank you.’ But that Carol Burnett would know me? Just incredible.”

When the young actress first met another renowned actor, she recalled feeling awestruck.

“I remember I was taking singing lessons at the time, and I went to my singing class,” Valentine started. “Also taking lessons was Gregory Peck… When he walked by, I was at the teacher’s piano and he saw me through the window and kind of mimed, ‘You did it!’ I was like, ‘Oh my God. It’s Gregory Peck!’ How was it that I had the fortune to meet these stars and talented people from the get-go?”

Although Room 222 received high marks from critics, its fourth season saw a decline in viewership, leading to its midseason cancellation.

“Why things changed, I have no idea,” Valentine said, recalling when the network told the cast the show was cut. “But they did have the wherewithal to give us the word that it was happening, and it was sad … well, it’s always sad, but especially when you feel you have a good product and a good show, for it to be taken away. But in the end, the network made the decision to go in a different direction. That’s what they always say, ‘We’ve decided to go in a different direction.’”

She starred in Karen (1975), a show Reynolds produced after Room 222 was canceled, but it was discontinued after four months due to low ratings.

Describing the show’s premise as “controversial political stories that were a savvy, humoristic reflection of then-current headlines,” Valentine said, “The original opening titles were a take-off of the opening of the film ‘Patton.’ Instead of George C. Scott, you had me marching up to an American flag background. Really clever, but never aired.” She continued, “It was changed to me riding a bicycle around D.C. The network envisioned something softer, more romantic and personal, and not too complicated, as opposed to an issue-oriented drama/comedy in the political arena. I’d say it was ahead of its time.”

Valentine, a stage performer who has previously made appearances on Broadway, maintained her career as a guest star on The Hollywood Squares from 1971 to 1977 as well as in episodes of Murder She Wrote and The Love Boat.

Her most recent movie, Wedding Daze (2004), which aired on the Hallmark Channel, featured her alongside John Laroquette.

Valentine recalls Room 222, which brought her success very early on, with only good memories:

“Working with all of those people, and to have that kind of experience first time out–the show just brings back the fondest and best memories in the world to me.” She adds, “…It also kind of spoiled me, because it set the bar really high. So when other things come to you, you think, ‘What is this?’ It was different, you know. But I was fortunate that I did get material that was pretty fun and well done.”

Dead at 92: Barry Newman, Star of “Vanishing Point” and “The Limey”

The late Newman, who passed away on May 11, “was a rock for so many people,” according to his wife Angela.

According to numerous sources, Barry Newman, best known for his part in the classic action film The Vanishing Point, passed away on May 11 in a hospital in New York City.

The Emmy-nominated star was 92 years old. Regarding his death, no other information has been made public.

Angela, Newman’s wife, who is still alive, said that her husband had passed away. According to Deadline, his buddies also confirmed the news on social media.

According to Angela, Newman “was a rock for so many people, whose spirit he lifted and allowed to be free,” in a tribute she shared with THR. “He had an amazing, funny sense of humor that brightened everything and everyone, and he was truly a light for so many.”

The stage, cinema, and television performer was raised in Boston and is well known for his lead part in the 1974 judicial drama Petrocelli. He made the decision to become an actor after meeting Lee Strasberg while a student at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Following graduation, he pursued acting courses in New York City.

Newman went on to star in movies like Daylight with Sylvester Stallone in 1996, Bowfinger with Steve Martin in 1999, and The Limey with the late Peter Fonda in the same year.

According to numerous sites, Newman received a vocal cord cancer diagnosis in 2009, which hampered his performing opportunities. Finding Hannah, a 2022 film that was shot in 2019, was his most recent endeavor.

In the same year, Newman discussed how one of Steven Spielberg’s favorite movies, 1971’s Vanishing Point, helped him initially find popularity. The cult film didn’t become popular immediately in the United States, but when it debuted in London, “people lined up around the block to see it,” according to Newman, as reported by THR.

“In America, I was just a guy picking up his bags at the airport, whereas, in England, I was a hero!”

10 Signs Showing Something Is Wrong in Your Body

1. A crawling feeling in your legs

The symptom of restless leg syndrome is a disorder. It gives you the feeling that something is crawling on your legs.

2. Skin thickening

Skin thickening can happen from a hormonal disorder, eczema, or allergies. Always talk to a doctor to understand the condition.

3. A change in handwriting and loss of smell

The slowness of movement, speech, and writing changes can be signs of Parkinson’s disease.

4. Aggressive behavior

Aggressive behavior can be a sign of depression. Researchers say that depression does not always appear with sadness.

5. Sleeping too much

Hypersomnia is a disorder, i.e., sleeping too much. Doctors say that some autoimmune diseases may cause the intense feeling of wanting to sleep anytime and anyplace.

6. Changes in eye color

If you are under 45 years old, a white or grey ring around the cornea of the eyes means you may have high cholesterol.

7. Craving only salty food

According to medical researchers, if you are only craving salty food all the time, it can be a sign of an iron deficiency, anemia, dehydration, or premenstrual syndrome.

8. Fatigue and a low libido

If you experience fatigue and have a low libido most of the time, it can be a sign of a thyroid hormone issue.

9. Feeling thirsty all the time

Feeling thirsty all the time can be connected to your salty food choices, but it can also be a sign of diabetes or pregnancy.

10. The need to chew ice

The need and want to chew ice can signify an iron deficiency or anemia. Take some blood tests to be sure!

Do you know any other symptoms that can tell a lot about your body? Tell us in the comments!

Take Note of Who Approaches The Man As He Prepares To Take A Selfie

A man enjoying a peaceful boat ride experienced an unexpected surprise when a friendly seal decided to join him for a selfie. While attempting to capture a serene moment on camera, the man was taken aback as the seal hopped onto his boat. Excited and amazed, he quickly started recording the encounter.

Contrary to the occasional hostility associated with seals, this particular one showed no fear and instead displayed remarkable friendliness towards the man. The seal cozied up to his shoulder, creating a heartwarming bond that defied expectations.


The man couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the experience with the camera, remarking on his new buddy. The resulting video clip perfectly captured the unlikely friendship between the man and the seal, showcasing their side-by-side poses.

This extraordinary moment, filled with joy and surprise, highlights the unique connection between humans and animals. The story of the unexpected seal selfie is sure to captivate and warm the hearts of those who witness it. Share this incredible tale with friends on Facebook to spread the joy and wonder of this extraordinary encounter.

The Reason For The Death of 16 Cows And The Farmer Is Revealed

A farmer named Michael Biadasz and his 16 cows tragically lost their lives on a farm in Amherst, Wisconsin. They were overcome by toxic fumes in the manure-holding tank due to a “deadly dome of air” created by warm temperatures.

Michael was preparing to pump the tank when he was fatally poisoned, and the cows also succumbed to the fumes. The incident, described as a “perfect storm” of unusual weather conditions by Michael’s father, left the family devastated. Investigations are underway to determine the exact cause, as Michael had safely emptied the tank many times before.

 In honor of Michael, the family parked tractors and machinery along the road as a memorial. The tragedy has prompted discussions about stricter regulations for manure holding tanks, including proper ventilation systems and warning signs.

The community has offered condolences and support, acknowledging the dangers faced by farmers and the unexpected nature of this accident.


Kathy Bates & Her Struggle with Lymphedema – LE&RN

Back in 2012 she gathered the strength and told US Weekly, “It’s no secret that I am an ovarian cancer survivor, nine years and counting. But few know that several weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” Explaining what it looks like to be diagnosed with this disease, she says, “You think American Horror Story is scary? You should’ve been in that room with me.”

Duck Dynasty’ Star Says Daughter Has ‘Turned A Corner’ After 14th Surgery

Jase and Missy Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” hope that Mia will soon be done with surgeries after she completed her fourteenth procedure to correct her cleft lip and palate.

Their daughter, age 18, underwent surgery last month and is now recuperating at home.

Since the daughter’s birth in 2004, the family has endured a protracted and challenging process of having to transport her to the hospital for numerous operations.

This week on his podcast “Unashamed,” Jase Robertson gave listeners an update on his daughter’s health together with his father Phil and brother Alan.

She’s turned a corner,” the loving father stated.

Jase said, “Everything seems great, seems to be fine,” when asked how she was doing on her breathing.

“Surgery went a little longer than expected, but she is home and recovering,” he told podcaster listeners. “Thank you for praying for her and for our family. She is a champion!”

Missy Robertson opened up about her anxiety regarding the surgery on Instagram.

“People ask me, ‘How many more surgeries does Mia have left?’” Missy wrote ahead of surgery on July 8. “The answer is always, ‘We just don’t know.’”

Mia Robertson announced in a more upbeat social media post that she was at the “finish line.”

“Hopefully the last time I’ll see my doctors in this setting! It’s been a long road but we are at the finish line,” she declared.

Mia Robertson has been making her own decisions since her thirteenth operation in the spring of 2021, and her mother, Missy Robertson, admits that she is still getting used to this.

“Since she is 18 now, she is taking the lead in all the discussions and medical forms. It’s been a little strange,” Missy Robertson wrote. “But it’s just another reminder to lean on the Lord and that I’m not in control.”

Missy Robertson, who has three biological children and one adopted kid with her husband, told The Christian Post that she and her husband think that their family’s suffering over their daughter’s illness has not been in vain.

“Looking back, especially over the last couple of years, we definitely see reasons for Him allowing us to go through this and allowing Mia to go through the pain and the challenges that she has in her life,” she said.

“She wants to help other people,” she added. “To me, that speaks not only about a greatness about her, as an individual, but about the greatness of our God to see something in a child, long before she was born, that could help influence people and to bring them closer to Him. Who am I to question that about Him?”

In order to ensure that all children are happy, Mia Robertson established the Mia Moo Fund.

Cleft lip and palate are birth defects that happen when the lips and roof of the mouth do not correctly fuse together during pregnancy.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every 1,600 babies in the US is thought to be born with a cleft lip and palate. About 1 in 2,800 pregnancies result in a baby being born with a cleft lip in addition to a cleft palate. In the United States, one in 1,700 infants is born without a cleft lip but with a cleft palate.

“One of the functions of the Mia Moo Fund is to spread awareness of the cleft lip and palate journey,” Missy Robertson said in an earlier interview. “The other one is to help with medical funds for the parents and the families living right here in America.”

8 Body Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Warning signs your body is showing that you should be aware of

Our bodies communicate with us about everything that happens to them. It tells whether or not we are healthy. Our bodies send signals to alert us when we have health problems.

We’ll list eight indications our bodies are sending us to pay attention to.

The skin is getting yellow.

Jaundice produces skin yellowing, which can indicate liver disease. Due to high levels, our bodies are unable to eliminate bilirubin. As a result, the skin and the whites of the eyes are yellow.

Nails with white dots

If you’ve ever had white dots on your nails, it could be the result of an accident. If this is not the case, it could indicate a lack of zinc, calcium, or protein.

Lips cracked

Dehydration can cause cracks or blisters to appear. On the other hand, you can be wearing the wrong lipstick.

Clubbed Fingernails

Clubbed fingernails are a common sign of chronic lung disease, but they can also indicate gastrointestinal problems. Nails grow and bend downward if not treated promptly.

Sores on the lips

Internal mouth ulcers might form as a result of hormonal changes or emotional stress. If you are low in vitamin B-12, you should take it; it can also create sores.

White pimples on the upper eyelids

The white bumps on your eyelids are known as styes. If you have diabetes or dry skin, they may appear around your eyelashes.

Your cornea has a ring around it.

The grey or white ring around your cornea is known as arcus senilis, or fat deposits, and while it is typical in the elderly due to their age, its presence in your eyes can indicate elevated cholesterol levels.

The tongue is far to red.

River ‘Monster’ With Enormous ‘Bear-Like’ Claws Scares Mother And Daughter

A mother and daughter kayaking along the Mississippi River in Minnesota were startled to encounter an enormous snapping turtle. Shala Holm and her daughter heard something breathing and saw the turtle’s nose heading towards a fish basket that hung from their kayak. The turtle, which was much larger than any they had seen before, had huge claws and resembled Godzilla.

Holm shook the basket to frighten the turtle away, and it swam off. The pair returned the next day to catch fish and try to photograph the turtle, estimating its legs were the size of Holm’s wrists. They later sent the image to the Department of Natural Resources, who estimated that the turtle was at least 15 years old and possibly as old as 30.

The image went viral after the resort’s owners, Corby and Sheila Niemeyer, shared it on their Facebook page. The post received thousands of shares and nearly a thousand comments, with many users advising staying away from the water. However, Sheila clarified that snapping turtles are not dangerous and that the post’s popularity would encourage additional visitors to their resort.

The Minnesota DNR’s Erica Hoaglund, a regional nongame wildlife specialist, also reassured people that snapping turtles are frequently misunderstood and not hazardous. Despite its size and bear-like claws, Holm showed no signs of anxiety and stated that she intended to visit the resort again to reunite with her old pal.

The poor puppy was scared to hide in front of everyone and fortunately it received my huge love

Animals Care Media, the National Rescue Center is headquartered in Mexico and has numerous small branches in undeveloped nations. Because the people here is still impoverished, animals are not appreciated. Thus animals are often abandoned, dwell in landfills…and are not taken seriously. Thier purpose is to adopt abandoned animals and rehabilitate many injured animals.

A subscriber of Animals Care Media sent them a video about a little puppy lives near a landfills. The poor puppy was looking for food around there even he doesn’t trust people.

The kind man tried to catch him but he couldn’t so he called the Animals Care Media. A rescuer went there and search all the landfills and didn’t found him. And finally he found him hiding under a firewood searching for warm.

80 Year Old Lady Goes For A Birthday Drink.

A lady goes to the bar on a cruise ship and orders a Scotch with two drops of water.

As the bartender gives her the drink she says,

“I’m on this cruise to celebrate my 80th birthday and it’s today…”

The bartender says,

“Well since it’s your birthday, I’ll buy you a drink. In fact, this one is on me.”

As the woman finishes her drink, the woman to her right says,

“I would like to buy you a drink, too.”

The old woman says,

“Thank you. Bartender, I want a Scotch with two drops of water.”

“Coming up,” says the bartender.

As she finishes that drink, the man to her left says,

“I would like to buy you one, too.”

The old woman says,

“Thank you. Bartender, I want another Scotch with two drops of water.”

“Coming right up,” the bartender says.

As he gives her the drink, he says,

“Ma’am, I’m dying of curiosity, why the Scotch with only two drops of water?”

The old woman replies, “Sonny, when you’re my age, you’ve learned how to hold your liquor.

…Holding your water, however, is a whole other issue.”

A Grieving Mother Sees Her Beloved Dog’s Face In The Clouds Hours After His Passing

Pets include more than just animals. They resemble our closest friends and are like family to us.

It would be heartbreaking if our dogs ever left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge, a green area where animals wait for people to merge with them so that they can enter Heaven together. All of us wish the animal well there!

We all hope for the best, but saying goodbye is never simple!

19-year-old female Lucy Ledgeway is from York, England. She and her dog Sunny had many fond memories together, so losing such a beloved animal seemed to devastate her. Sunny, her Jack Russell Terrier, left the room while having a seizure.

Lucy and her boyfriend went outside after Sunny passed to relax and get some fresh air. They went by the area where Lucy’s dog Sunny used to go for walks. She got out of the car because she wanted to feel her dog’s presence.

She considered Sunny as she looked up at the sky in search of reassurance for her puppy. She could even make out her dog’s face in the sky!

The moment the young girl saw her dead dog’s face in the sky, she burst into tears.

Perhaps Sunny was attempting to communicate to them that she was alright and in a better place.

She smiles when she sees her dog’s face in the sky. I ask that God grant safety to all the departed animals in heaven.

With your furry friends, you can have the best farewells and the worst hellos. Your adorable pet is with God in Heaven, where he is eagerly awaiting your arrival, whenever that may be. This is something that God wants you to know.

Rescued dog reunited with twin brother lost on the street

A heartwarming story has been circulating the internet about a rescued dog who found her lost twin on the streets and urged her owner to adopt him. The story has touched the hearts of animal lovers around the world, proving once again that animals have a unique way of expressing love and loyalty.

The story begins with the rescue of a female dog who had been wandering the streets for weeks. She was taken in by a local animal shelter, given medical attention, and put up for adoption. Soon after, she found a loving home with a caring owner who showered her with love and affection.

However, the new owner soon discovered that the rescued dog had a unique feature – a distinctive pattern on her coat that resembled a heart. The owner quickly fell in love with her new furry companion and named her “Heart.”

But the story doesn’t end there. A few months later, while out on a walk, Heart and her owner stumbled upon a stray dog who looked strikingly similar to Heart. Upon closer inspection, they realized that the stray dog was, in fact, Heart’s lost twin brother.

Heart was overjoyed to be reunited with her brother, and she immediately started to play with him. The two dogs appeared inseparable, and it was clear that they shared a special bond.

Heart’s owner knew that she couldn’t leave her brother on the streets, so she took him in and gave him a loving home. The two dogs have been inseparable ever since, spending every moment together and playing as if they were never apart.

The story of Heart and her lost twin brother is a testament to the love and loyalty that animals possess. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected things can bring us the greatest joy and happiness.

In conclusion, the story of Heart and her twin brother is a heartwarming tale that has captured the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. It reminds us of the importance of rescuing animals in need and the love and companionship that they can bring into our lives.

If you are unable to care for your dog, there are many resources available to help you find a new home for your pet. You can contact your local animal shelter or rescue organization, or you can try to find a new owner through social media or other online platforms.

In conclusion, the story of the abandoned dog left to die in the storm is a stark reminder of the importance of compassion and responsibility in pet ownership. We must all do our part to ensure that our pets are safe, happy, and well-cared-for, and that we are prepared to provide for them in the event of a disaster. By working together, we can make sure that no dog is left behind or forgotten, and that every animal receives the love and care it deserves.

The Dalmatians’ heroic act of rescuing a newborn baby, which had been abandoned in a landfill, and bringing it back to their home to care for has left their owner in awe !

Unbelievably, a litter of stray puppies saved an abandoned newborn infant alive by cuddling up to her side and keeping her warm. The little child, now known as Akanksha, was discovered in a field in Chattisgarh, India, entirely nude with her umbilical chord still attached to her body.

The locals were shocked by what transpired, since he might not have survived the night owing to the cold temperatures under the given conditions.

“We discovered a newborn girl wailing and sleeping near to pups in our village about 11 in the morning. Before the infant was brought to the hospital for additional monitoring, we panicked and notified the health department.”

Surprisingly, when the physicians examined the infant, they discovered that the tiny girl was in perfect health.

Even one of the area’s residents claimed:

“Perhaps what kept this infant alive was the warmth of the cubs and its own mother. It’s now December, and the nights are usually cooler. I have to admit that he just got lucky.

People claim that everything that occurred was a miracle since it was unexpected to find a newborn infant who was perfectly healthy and managed to live in an area where stray dogs occasionally prowl during the night.

For her part, Akanksha has been transferred to the Child Line Project, where she will be cared for. It was also claimed that an investigation has been opened to identify the minor’s parents and shed light on the circumstances surrounding the little girl’s desertion.

Like us, your dog can develop canine dental ailments on account of excessive ranges of plaque buildup. A number of indicators point out that your pet might have dental illness. These embody problem consuming, bleeding of the gums or enamel, unfastened enamel, and dangerous breath. Weight problems Almost 30 % of the final dog inhabitants is taken into account overweight.