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Guy And Cat Prove They Are Soulmates After 23 Years Together (Wholesome Story)

Who said your soulmate has to be a human?

There are no rules when it comes to soulmates. As the word suggests, it is not about the body or the species, it is about the soul. So, your soulmate could very well be furry and four-legged. If your pet is your soulmate, you are very lucky. Pets are not just animals that you choose to keep in your house. They become your family. Your pet will also be your best friend. You can not receive from humans the kind of unconditional love that a pet can give. They depend solely on you, so their entire world revolves around you. They look up to you for everything. They love getting attention from you, being fed by you, and cuddling up next to you. It takes a while for pets to warm up to their humans, but once they do, you will be glad you brought home that fluffy ball of love. We all know the bitter reality; You will outlive your pet one day. When it comes to cats, they do not have a very long lifespan. You know that one day you will have to say a very hard goodbye to your cat. However, some cats end up living abnormally long just because they want to spend more time with their humans. Now that is what we call true love.

So today, we will talk about a man named Guy and his 23-year-old cat Lilly. They have spent many years together and Lilly has refused to give in to medical difficulties and fights for her life every day just to be with Guy. Guy really cherishes all the moments he gets to spend with his furry soulmate, and this wholesome story will really warm up your heart. Scroll down below to know more about them.


Lilly has grown up to 23 years old. In cat years, the first two years of their life equals 24 human years. After that, each human year is counted as four cat years. So technically, in cat years, Lilly is 108 years old.


This is a very old age for cats. Due to the fragility that comes with age, Lilly likes to be pampered and looked after.



Cats like to feel protected at this age, and Guy makes her feel just that with all his love.



Guy calls her his “escape”, which just explains the special bond that they have.



Despite her old age, Lilly has a lot of sass in her still. She starts yelling whenever guy isn’t around or isn’t giving her any attention.



Guy adopted Lilly way back in 1999. Since then, their journey together has been just amazing for both of them.



A few years ago, Lilly had a stroke. She had difficulty walking and Guy thought that might be the end. But Lilly did not give up.



Guy admits that nothing lasts forever, so he appreciates the time he gets to spend with her.



Despite the odds, Lilly celebrated her 23rd birthday with Guy. He got her all sorts of toys and decorations to celebrate.



Lilly is a fighter. She refuses to give up. Lilly even makes high jumps from time to time to show Guy that she is perfectly fine.



We can all learn from Lilly and Guy that soulmates can be found anywhere. They stick together till death does them apart.