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The Sad Story Of A Kitten Discovered With Pink Paint On Her Fur That Someone Did To Her

No matter how hard some people try to make it appear like dyeing certain pets’ hair with safe or permanent colors is OK, it is not. Nothing justifies a move that might jeopardize the pet’s health.

This was the case with the story’s protagonist. It’s about a little kitten that was discovered with red and blue paint on her hair in Arizona. It was obvious that it had been abandoned, and rescuers quickly realized that their journey had not been simple.



It’s unclear how he ended up at a remote animal shelter’s door. The only thing that is known is that the kitten made it to the enclosure’s door and that this modest gesture marked her first step toward independence.

The kitten came into the hands of the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) through their Rural Rescue program, according to the AAWL. This organization operates on a shoestring budget, but that doesn’t stop them from assisting roughly 4,000 animals each year, including this kitten.




The kitten was gentle, indicating that she may have come from a household, according to the volunteers who cared for her. So the kitty got away? It’s no surprise the small child ran away because she had red and blue paint on her hair.

This is a sign of mistreatment, in some form or another. She may have been in the hands of irresponsible adults who allowed their children to taunt her in this manner, or they could have recognized they didn’t want her in the family and chose to get rid of her.



Perhaps it was for this reason that she was discovered by chance at the door of a rural refuge. Maybe it was put there in the hopes that someone would come to her aid. However, there is a second, far more terrible idea.

Cats and kittens, believe it or not, are frequently employed as “bait animals” in dogfighting. We understand that it is cruel and inhumane, yet the perpetrators of this heinous deed color-code the animals.




As a result, the irresponsible members of the audience who take part in these disgraceful exhibitions can gamble on the color of their choosing. Those whose animals survive the longest against a pack of well-trained dogs win. These kitties are fighting for survival.



Because of the circumstances surrounding her apparent paint markings, the cat was given the name Freedom. She is now awaiting adoption. After all that you may have endured, you will need extremely caring parents to recover.