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The Touching Story Of A Cancer-Stricken Child And The Kitten That Came To Comfort Her

Kylie Myers was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer when she was 12 years old. Her therapy began right away, and her mother, Robin, characterized it as “brutal.”

Kylie, according to Robin, was an expert at finding ways to be joyful. Kylie began requesting a kitten to join the other four household pets midway through her cancer treatment.

Robin assured Kylie that they would wait until the radiation therapy was finished before making any decisions. If all went according to plan, the girl would get the cat she so much desired.

A strong ache in Kylie’s shoulder suggested that the disease had spread throughout her body and that she would not be rescued in the last days of her therapy. The Myers family was upset since the treatment had been in vain.


When Kylie returned home from the hospital, she requested her father, Mark, one final time for a cat. Mark made a phone call right away, and a small kitten named Liza was brought to Kylie’s front door in less than an hour.

Liza quickly approached Kylie and placed her paw on her hurting shoulder. Liza was not separated from Kylie for two and a half days, and, as her mother Robin previously said, the kitten appeared to be entirely committed to adoring the small girl.


Kylie’s final requests were for her parents to assist in the search for a cure for children cancer and to look after Liza. Liza consoled the Myers family for months after the daughter died in 2015.

Robin was taken aback. Liza would come to her side, no matter where she was in the home, to console her in her sadness when she began to grieve because of the anguish caused by the death of her small girl.

Kylie had requested that her mother look after Liza, but it was also as if she had requested that the cat look after Robin.

Robin and Mark told their tale to Mutual Rescue, a nonprofit that makes films to demonstrate the strength of the human-animal bond, with a focus on rescue animals, a year after Kylie died.

Mutual Rescue went on to make a movie about Kylie and Liza’s tale, which was funded by PetSmart Charities, and to begin a campaign with the Myers family to collect money for children cancer research and to aid homeless animals.

The Mutual Rescue film series was intended to show how the human-animal bond can change people’s lives.


Robin and Mark Myers wanted to tell their tale in honor of Kylie’s most recent requests: to look after her kitty and discover a cure for children cancer.

“The film Kylie & Liza” conveys a message of optimism and connectedness, and all of us who have the opportunity to see this moving video are somehow a part of a greater good.