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Dog who fell off shrimp boat found alive days later after swimming six miles to shore

Keith “Kiwi” Soffes, a shrimp boat captain from San Leon, Texas, is always with his lovely dog Monster. Monster has been with her dad during his all boat trips when she was still a puppy. They are inseparable friends and enjoy their time spent together.



But one recent trip has become a heartbreak for Keith as the dog fell overboard. Keith’s heart was devastated. He was in great sorrow but soon he put up with the loss of Monster.  He put a heartwarming post on Facebook. But soon great news arrived.



According to FOX 26 Houston, Monster survived by swimming between five and six miles to shore across the Galveston Bay.



Keith couldn’t believe his ears. He claimed that though Monster was a very experienced swimmer it was incredible to swim for that long. However, after a few days of dispair Monster and Keith got a very touching reunion.


‘Super rare,’ 1-in-3,000 male calico shelter cat lights up internet and finds a home

When the little kitten Comet was brought to the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, everyone there was shocked. They understood that they achieved a rare calico cat and that made him the “unicorn of cats. But why was the cat rare?

It was because the calico cats are usually female ones and only 1 in 3000 calico cats turns out to be male. So Comet was a very special kitten that he hadn’t yet recognized.



Calico cats are differentiated by their tri-color coat of fur. According to ASPCA, the distinctive coating is caused by two X chromosomes. And that X chromosomes decide the sex of the cats which is almost always female.

Soon after Comet appeared in the shelter the Animal Foundation posted great news about him. The rare kitten got adopted and now was living happily with his new warm family.

Cat who hates other cats meets his Mini Me and invites him inside

Garfield never liked to play with animals in his species. He hated kittens and every time he saw them he tried to fight against them and nothing more. But his owner Izzy didn’t allow him.



But one cat acted a great role in his life. Buddy was a neighboring cat who walked very close to Garfield when he was out and the adult cat didn’t mint it. Moreover, he liked it very much. Buddy was a little kitten and everything connected to the senior cat Garfield interested him.



Every time he saw Garfield on the porch he was approaching and Garfield liked this very much. They play with each other and when it was time for Garfield to go inside Buddy left him as if the playtime was over and the children had to go inside.



So Garfield was not a cat hater he just hadn’t yet found that one Buddy who would make his life brighter.


Man Quickly Regrets Provoking Bison At Yellowstone National Park

Sometimes it is the best option to be away from wild animals. This man who visited Yellowstone National Park now knew it very well.

Summer is the best time to have fun with your family as children are waiting for this period the whole year and want to see new things and explore the world with their parents.


Recently a man, however, had a very dangerous experience with wildlife and learned that messing with a bison is never a great idea.



The bison was on the road making the traffic very busy so Raymond Reinke, 55, of Pendleton, Oregon, got out of his car and started to shout at the animal. But the wild animal couldn’t bare him that long. So bison attacked the man in front of all the people in their vehicles. The man was soon arrested.



It was a great example and a life lesson for the viewers to remind them once more that in the national parks people should stay in their vehicles as the wild animals are free there and can do whatever they want and go where they want.

The Yellowstone’s website warns: “The animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they seem. The safest (and often finest) sight of wild animals is from inside a vehicle. Always remain at the very least 100 yards far from bears and wolves, and at least 25 yards away from all various other animals, including bison and elk.”



Baby Elephant Stops Traffic To Steal Loads Of Sugarcane From Passing Trucks

Elephants are known for their sweet tooth and like to eat bananas, sugar cane, and other sweets.



Recently an elephant stopped the cars and made the traffic very busy by just eating his favorite food from one of the trucks. Auan-tia is an elephant living in the sanctuary near this road.

When he approached the cars they had no choice but to slow down and let him do whatever he wanted.


The elephant managed to steal from 12 different cars before returning to the jungle. The clever elephant stopped the cars one by one and tried the food. His food that day consisted of sugar cane and tapioca.

The motorists and drivers were informed about these elephants and kept their distance. However, this case was very special as the young elephant stopped the cars and refused to go until he ate his favorite food.



Cat Caught On Camera Comforting His Anxious Brother While Mom’s Away

When Ledger brought her another cat named Baby she couldn’t have imagined that he would become best friend for Nosey. Nosey was another lovely cat of Ledger.



They loved and trusted each other at first sight. Baby was brought to the family a year and a half ago and now is the inseparable member of the family.



The Truman Show

Once Ledger had to leave the two cat brothers at home with a pet sitter. Baby was very attached to his mom and he was very depressed. Ledger knew it and one day during their separation she decided to check the hidden camera to check what was happening with her lovely cats. And she discovered a miracle. Baby was desperately sitting in front of his brother Nosey when he leaned his head on Nosey. In its turn, Nosey started to lick his brother. Nosey comforted his brother as he knew that it was very difficult to be away from a mom.

Street cat sits under the window of fire station on cold snowy day asking for help

Once a miracle happened in Steinbach Fire Department, Canada. A stray cat approached the window of the fire station and begged for help as it was a severe cold outside. an attendant was surprised when he walked by and saw the small cat there.



The firefighters were afraid that the cat would freeze outside and let her in. The cat was hungry and dirty. After getting what she needed first the chief of the department named Kelvin decided to take her to his house where he did have other pets too.



The kind man took the cat to the veterinary clinic where she was thoroughly examined. The man posted her photos on Facebook but as nobody responded it was clear that she was a stray cat. So Kelvin took her to the vet again where she got a vaccination and was ready to have a permanent home. The man posted her story and photos and the response wasn’t delayed. Many people wanted to adopt her and Kelvin found a warm and safe place.




The stray dog had been crying from pain for a long time, until the kind man finally approached to help him

The stray dog had been waiting for his owner for a long time. The poor dog roamed from morning till night to find someone who would pay attention to him.



He was so hopeless that sometimes he was lying on the grass doing nothing but following passers-by with his begging eyes.  People approached him, fed him, and left. The miserable dog lost his front legs and people sometimes didn’t pay much attention to him, especially for this reason. However, after so many hardships the dog finally met the right person.



The kind man approached and hugged him after which the dog was in safe hands. The man took him to the veterinary clinic where he got the proper treatment. After some surgeries, the dog was ready to continue his life in better conditions.


Incredibly Rare White Whale Spotted Off The Coast Of Australia

A 16-year-old teenager Brayden Blake filmed a white humpback whale swimming about 500 meters off the shore of Fingal Head at Coolangatta, AU. The guy works for Surf Life Saving NSW and captured the moment with his personal drone.



It was a rare albino humpback whale like Migaloo who was last spotted one year ago in the same place. The scientists were glad to hear this as they thought that Migaloo had babies.



Migaloo is one of the estimated 40,000 whales who is famous for it while coloring. Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 at Hervey Bay, and experts have been tracking the species ever since.





A boat caught fire while at sea, and Navy servicemen rescued four cats from the sinking ship.

When the military group arrived to examine the sinking boat they couldn’t believe their eyes.



Four helpless kittens were roaming in the sinking boat without knowing what to do. At that time a brave guy Tattaphon Sai, 23, made up his mind that leaving these creatures there would be cruel for them.



So he took the kittens and rescued them one by one. The brave guy took the cats to his shoulders and saved them from near death.



The military still cares for the rescued 4 cats and has become a real hero for them.




Otter Seeks Refuge On Man’s Boat As He Barely Escapes Jaws Of Killer Whale

A close encounter between a killer whale and his prey, an otter, is something 37-year-old John Dornellas recently experienced up close and personal.

Donellas, who works with an Alaskan exploration company and provides area boat trips, saw a near-death experience right before his very eyes.



Dornellas was out on his boat when he saw a commotion taking place in the water. He realized something was rapidly swimming closer and closer to his boat to avoid being eaten by a killer whale. The whale’s dorsal fin can be seen closing in as an otter hurriedly tries to avoid being killed.

All of a sudden, the otter pops up out of the water and takes refuge on the boat with Donellas, who cannot believe what he is seeing.



Are you kidding me,” Donellas says aloud as he films the encounter. “Come on up bud,” he tells the otter.

For the next several minutes, the otter stays safely aboard the boat as the killer whale circles his prey. At one point, the otter goes back into the water and then changes his mind in favor of the boat.

The very close encounter lasted a while, as the otter eventually plunged back into the water once the killer whale distanced himself from the boat.

Watch this unbelievable experience by pressing play on the video below. We are glad this little guy had a happy ending!





Firefighters save horse who was helplessly trapped in a sinkhole

Firefighters do everything in their power to save all creatures in need but sometimes the animal is many times larger — and stuck in a much trickier spot.



The New Orleans firefighters came to save the life of the horse stuck in a sinkhole on February 5. The poor horse was in awful condition as he was dehydrated and exhausted.



But due to the attentive people now the horse is better as one of the firefighters replied to the comment on their Facebook post about the horse rescue.

Little baby elephant’s innocent actions steal onlookers’ hearts

Watching how your children follow your steps and try to copy your actions is the most thrilling moment for every parent.



Samboon, the mama elephant was very excited to see how her calf named Heaven tried to copy her. Samboon was rescued from the trekking camp where she was used to carrying tourists miles away. At that time she was already pregnant.



However, now she was safe and was enjoying her time with her calf. Heaven, in its turn was a very facsinating elephant who stole the onlooker’s hearts. Every visitor was touched by the little one’s actions. Heaven used to sleep everywhere he wanted without taking into account anyone around him. He also copied evey single movement his mother did.



Elephants couldn’t use their trunks until they are 1 years old and this made Heaven heartbroken as he wanted to use it earlier. When Heaven became 3 months old it was time to introduce him to the herd. Step by step the elephant began his adaptation and became attached to his nanny Sudarat. The time spent with nanny and herd made him forget about his mother slowly and became more independant.




A Father Giraffe Greets His Son For the First Time in a Heartwarming Video

Every day hundreds of animal videos attract many hearts. But the most heart-touching videos are the parent and child videos.

This video below shows the great love of the father giraffe Michael who was separated from her newborn calf Twiga and his mother. The moment when he first saw them after a few days melted many netizens’ hearts.

Though it was known that in the animal world the mothers tend to be caring, loving, and more attached to their babies this is another proof that fathers are also able to give love and attention to their family.

A Good Woman Feeds A Stray Cat For Months Until It Discovers Its Sad Secret

A mother’s love knows no limitations, as we all know. A new article from China indicates that mothers will jump into flames to defend their children.



A woman had been feeding animals in her area for over 5 years when she encountered a cat that was unlike the rest.



Every cat the woman fed devoured the food and begged for more. Dongsuk, on the other hand. Whenever the women left something for her, she would grab the bag and flee.



For a long, the woman had no idea where Dongsuk had gone with the food bags — she just assumed the cat ate alone. The truth, on the other hand, warmed her heart.



The woman decided to follow the cat to find out where the cat takes the food bags every day. She videotaped the cat’s trek nearby after discovering that she had recently given birth to a litter of five kittens. She stole all the food there to feed her kittens!



The woman resolved to aid the cat as soon as she discovered the tragic tale. Watch the video of this touching story with a happy conclusion, but be warned: it may melt your heart as it did ours.


Kitten’s Truly Beautiful Face And Beautiful Heart Melt Everyone’s Hearts With His Little Face Defection That Looks Beautiful On Him

Pinocchio is a lovely cat with an uneven face who has won everyone’s heart. Despite his handicapped appearance, he never allows it to prevent him from leading a happy life. He’s much more unique because of his flaws.



The cat came from an elderly woman who ended up with a high needs kitten with a variety of congenital problems, according to Jacqueline from Friends for Life Rescue Network.



When he arrived, he was severely underweight and sluggish, so the staff attempted to help him. Following that, Jackie, the rescue’s founder, contacted Melissa, an animal foster, and requested her to care for the kitten. Melissa, of course, consented to take Pinocchio in.



He was a rambunctious kitty. He is a cheerful and self-assured individual. “It’s unlike any of the other special-needs cats I’ve ever had. They’re all wonderful, but none of them have Pinocchio’s self-assurance “Melissa said.



Look at the video below to see the full story:



Melissa and the other foster children are still finding out what to do with Pinocchio. She makes every effort to provide the greatest care possible so that he might live a long life. Pinocchio, on the other hand, never lets anything get in the way of his being a happy cat and enjoying the life he deserves.



If you’re a fan of Pinocchio, you can follow him on Instagram and see additional Friends for Life Rescue Network rescues on Facebook. Melissa deserves a special thank you for fostering and caring for Pinocchio; you may follow her on Instagram.