Homemade Turmeric & Ginger Tea to Prevent Heart Disease, Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Your Brain Health

Chronic dehydration sometimes occurs regardless of how much fluid you take in on a particular day. Dehydration especially triggers when your body is exposed to extreme heat or prolonged physical activity. Thus, leads to numerous health issues, such as blood flow resistance, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, skin issues, and type 2 diabetes.

Fortunately, consuming turmeric and ginger iced tea is a delicious and refreshing way to prevent these health disorders. Moreover, the medicinal properties of turmeric and ginger will boost your health, keep your body hydrated, and strengthen your heart and blood vessels.

Despite receiving numerous health benefits, the medicinal and therapeutic properties of ginger and turmeric together also produce an overall and all-rounder effect of ease, comfort, and wellbeing. For example, by combining these delicious herbs, you can soothe your gastrointestinal problems, reduce inflammation in joints, and even help reduce symptoms of depression.

Turmeric has been scientifically shown for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, its active ingredient, curcumin, improves the function of the endothelium, which is the lining of the blood vessels, and thus regulates blood pressure and blood clotting. In addition, it improves brain health and helps in the case of stroke and Alzheimer’s.

On the other hand, ginger improves heart health, lowers cholesterol levels, and prevents the oxidation of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and atherosclerosis. It is clear that turmeric and ginger have amazing power to boost your health. Now, let’s look at this specific homemade natural remedy.

Here’s how to prepare the homemade turmeric & ginger tea:


  • 4 tsp dried ginger (or two inches fresh ginger root)
  • 4 tsp dried organic turmeric
  • 1 cup plus 3 cups of water (1 cup for steeping, 3 for dilution)
  • ¼ cup honey
  • ¾ tsp black pepper


At first, take a small saucepan, and mix the turmeric, ginger, and black pepper together with a cup of water. Next, bring the mixture to a boil, and reduce the heat to simmer. You should simmer only for a few minutes, and turn off the heat. Now, sweeten it with honey and cover the saucepan to let it steep for at least 1 hour. Lastly, strain the mixture using a cheesecloth.

You should add the other 3 cups of water for dilution and then store in a jar in the refrigerator. Drink a glass of this remedy every morning on an empty stomach.

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