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This Syrup Will Stop a Cough Dead in its Tracks: Ginger Thyme Cough Syrup

Thyme is a powerful herb from the mint family that is extremely effective for treating respiratory illnesses. In fact, thyme is known as one of the best herbal cold remedies which successfully prevents common colds and relieves sore throat and oral infections. You can use thyme internally to prevent infections and externally as a natural...More Please

Adorable Family Of Screech Owls Enjoys Serene Moment In Backyard Birdbath

A parliament of baby owls was captured on camera enjoying a birdbath in 105-degree Texas weather. Owls can potentially hold the world record for being the most adorable birds in existence. However, perhaps baby owls are even cuter than their adult counterparts. It’s nearly impossible to resist their round little eyes. They stare at you...More Please

Chinese Medicine: How To Lower Increased Blood Pressure Within 5 Minutes?

Increased blood pressure or hypertension is a dangerous health condition that usually develops over time. However, stress, anxiety, and exercise can trigger the blood pressure level to raise sometimes dramatically. Yet, the common factors that lead to high blood pressure are a diet high in salt, fat, or cholesterol. Fortunately, you can lower high blood...More Please

Koala Bear Is Pushed Out Of Tree And Has A Tantrum

Nothing is cuter than a koala. Except maybe two koalas acting like typical siblings, complete with a temper tantrum. The two in this video are fighting over a prized eucalyptus tree and have proven that, just like for humans, it’s hard to be the little guy as he’s booted from his tree not once but...More Please