Company Employed Gangster Cats For Their Commercial And Is The Funniest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

All cat lovers know that bathing is their least favorite thing. Finding and taking our furry friends to the bathroom is a difficult business on its own but don’t get me started on the bathing process itself! Excruciating job indeed! But if you think it’s hard for us, humans, just imagine how hard it is for the cats. In fact, don’t imagine, just watch this video.

It’s kinda ironic that this bathroom design studio chose cats for their commercial, gangster cats none the least, but it’s so funny the entire world has seen in. The devious meeting of the Feline Famiglia was provoked by an event that had happened two weeks earlier and involved the activity they hate – bathing, of course. That’s why they had to come up with a perfect revenge plan. This is what I call quality advertising. Talking gangster cats – who wouldn’t watch this?

Read these characteristics which almost all cat lovers have in common:

It’s the nature of cats that they are not friends with everybody, and the same trait can be seen in their owners too. Usually, they live alone and are happy with their independent lifestyle. They are introverts but are comfortable hanging around with other people. However, they would need some me-time to relax and recharge.

It has been observed that people with liberal political leanings prefer cats over dogs. You might be a liberal dog lover or a conservative cat owner; if you’re a liberal, you love cats and vice versa.

Five traits – conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness are often seen in most cat lovers. As compared to dog owners, people who have cats as pets are more open and therefore, have greater artistic creativity.

Just like their pets, cat lovers seek attention from people around them. They like to be the centre of all conversations. At times, cat owners rely on their pets for emotional support.

Cat people respect cats more than humans, in general. The saddest sight for a cat lover is to see the animal on the streets without a home. Cat lovers are often seen making a special effort to rescue or rehabilitate homeless cats.

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