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Through Tortilla Hugs An Anxious Kitty Rescued From The Streets Learns To Trust

A shy, fluffy female spotted while catching wild seals for neutering has been adopted by Nikki Martinez, a Las Vegas animal rights activist. The newborn was discovered among a group of other stray kittens, but she was the timidest of them all.

Nikki snarled and thrashed with all her strength every time she tried to make contact. The other kittens soon adjusted to life in the house, but this cranky young lady (dubbed Sugar) needed a lot of attention…

Nikki held Sugar throughout the day to help her adjust to her new surroundings.

She carefully wrapped the kitten in a soft blanket, burrito-style, and then patted her back in a friendly and reassuring way.

Sugar was very restless, at such moments she looked at her foster mother with a stopped, frightened look. Nikki tried hand feeding her, also for socialization purposes.

“This (wet food and snacks) is a tool for me.” Nikki adds, “I want her to link my presence with nice things.”

Sugar gradually calmed down, scared looks were less frequent, and she began to beat her paws. The kitty has finally achieved a breakthrough after weeks of constant snuggling, patience, and hard effort.

“She’s still ready for the first time in her life to play with me after sitting under the table for weeks, afraid, avoiding eye contact, and petrifying as soon as I enter the room,” Nikki adds.

Sugar even came out of her hiding spot the next day to play with her foster mother once again. Nikki was overjoyed at the development.

“Working with shy or irritable kittens and trying to do everything properly for them is far more difficult in actuality than it appears on paper. I’ve cracked a lot of tough nuts in my day, but she made me sweat!”

Sugar was still acting a little eccentric, for example, she could run away and hide if someone entered the room.

To help her gain confidence and overcome fear, Nikki continued to bathe her in love and affection.

“After she was nervous and running away from me, I wanted every contact we had now to be positive for her,” explains Nikki.

“I wanted to focus her attention on the fact that the touch of my hands is not scary, and soon she herself turned to me for affection.”

Sugar is braver and more loving every day as she grows older.

She was purring loudly and contentedly in Nikki’s arms two weeks later as she rubbed her chin. Then it became evident that the young lady was ready to go on to the next chapter of her life.

Even at that age, when the infant was shy and irritable, one family noticed her. They could sense the potential behind the mask of her rage.

“She was placed with fantastic foster parents!” “They’re ideal for her,” Nikki says. “They’re patient and kind, and they’re always working to make her future and present better.”

Sugar isn’t the same scared infant Nikki rescued from the streets.

She was introduced to two new feline sisters. She is adored and spoiled, and she revels in it.