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“Mr. Peter, can I call you my Dad?” – single father adopts boy after biological, adoptive family abandon him

For the majority of us, childhood is a time when we’re wrapped in love and shown the ways of the world thanks to guiding hands both soft and understanding.

When I look back on my childhood, I can now appreciate just how much my parents did for me. They showered me with love, ensured that I always felt safe and secure, and let me know that no matter what happened, I would have my family there to support me.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for every child. Some are born into families where they’re merely an afterthought. Some are mistreated, some worse.

Such was the case for a young boy named Anthony, who was abandoned not only by his biological parents, but by his adoptive parents as well. Fortunately, Anthony now has a new father to love him, but his tale is full of twists and turns, and if not for the compassion shown by one man, could have ended very differently.