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Man Throws Rock Across Icy Alaskan Lake And Hears The Beautiful Music Of Nature

For those of us living in the relative comfort of the lower 48 states of the United States, Alaska seems like a faraway wilderness filled with woods, homes in remote places, abundant wildlife, and folks who know how to be at least somewhat self-sufficient. I watch various reality shows that feature Alaska and Alaskans and I’m always amazed by the people and places. I’m especially fascinated by the shows where regular folks from the lower 48 give up their lives, careers, and homes in search of the adventure of living in one of the last great wild places.

There’s definitely an appeal that goes along with the Alaskan lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve lived in a city with a high-pressure job and are struggling with the “rat race” and the idea of never riding public transportation again sounds wonderful. You want to trade the bus or subway for four-wheel drive vehicles, snowmobiles, seaplanes, or even a dogsled.

Maybe the suburbs are boring and your day to day life has become stale and boring. Or maybe you’ve just always craved the adventure that comes along with living in a remote place. Running away from your problems is never an answer, and they will always find a way to follow you, but sometimes a drastic move can be a life-changing decision—for the better.

In 2014, Cory Williams and his wife Kristen threw caution to the wind and exchanged their safe, comfortable life in California for a life in Alaska. They share their new experiences on a Youtube channel appropriately called Live Each Day. On this particular day, Cory decided to skip a rock across a frozen lake, unaware of the sound it would create. It’s the crystal clear music of nature, and it’s an absolutely beautiful sound!

Watch as Chris discovers “The Coolest Sound Ever” and please like and share this share!