Man Sets Up Camera To Catch Pup’s Early Morning Routine

Waking up to an alarm clock day in, day out, isn’t the most peaceful way to start your morning. However, it is inevitable, as most of us need it to make it to work on time or to drop off the kids or get a kick-start to the day.

And then there are two teams – the jumpers-out-of-bed and the snoozers. The ones (like myself) who, the night before, accurately calculate to the last possible minute they can wake up, set their alarms to strange times like 7:48 to squeeze out every last possible minute of sleep. Then there are the snoozers who set their alarms way too early, but then have it go off every 15 minutes until they absolutely MUST roll out of bed.

Now, there’s a third option! Get your super cute puppy to make adorable growls in the morning, just enough to get your blood flowing so you can start your day. This method is much less of a rude awakening than the blaring fire alarm-sounding ringer on your phone!

This pup is Grey Dog, and she doesn’t sleep in. Really. Ever. So to her, why should humans? Dad thought it would be a good idea to set up a night-shot camera to catch his daily morning routine with Grey Dog and show everyone how she gets him up.

Dad adds that Grey Dog’s “habit of meowing for attention in the morning” isn’t because she needs to be let outside – she’s got a dog door and full access to outside anytime she pleases. This behavior is purely her wanting cuddles and love and doing it at the crack of dawn, because hey, she doesn’t have to go to work, why would anyone else? This way is hands down a much better alternative to an alarm, I say!

Click below to watch Grey Dog be all cute and charming at 5 o’clock in the morning!

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