Grandma Jumps In River To Save Drowning Sheep

If you care for animals, it doesn’t usually stop with cats and dogs. The chances are that you care for all creatures, or at least the furry ones. Most people with a soft spot for furry creatures will do anything to save one when it is in danger. Like this grandma who climbed into a cold river to rescue a drowning sheep.

“[I was] out on an evening walk with family and friends and came across a young sheep in the water in distress,” wrote the woman on Youtube. She and her family were taking a walk near the River Idle, located in Nottinghamshire, England.

The kind grandma, who would eventually rescue the struggling animal from the chilly water, had a sense of humor about how she expected their family time to go. “Let’s pokemon they say. Let’s have a picnic they say. A gentle stroll even,” she joked.

But, while on their “relaxing” walk, they came across the sheep, trapped in the river. It had been trying to climb out, but it was too heavy because of its wet wool. The sheep was exhausted and had all but given up. It was no longer trying to get to safety and just bobbed in the water.

“Hmm, I don’t think a Pikachu is round and fluffy!!” the grandma joked, seeing the poor sheep across the water. “I may be a granny of 13, and my eyes aren’t the best, but I’m sure it’s supposed to be yellow and not say ‘baa.’”

So, she did what anyone with a compassionate heart would do — she climbed into the chilly water and helped the cold, wet sheep get to safety.

Thank goodness she was there! Watch the rescue video below and please like and share!

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