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Hundreds Of Makeshift Beds Are Placed On The Street By A Woman, And Kittens Show Their Gratitude By Snuggling Into Them

A woman decided to set up improvised beds on the freezing street, and within seconds, hundreds of kittens rushed over to thank her for her kindness, ready to snuggle up warm.

The innocent homeless who live a life of misery on the streets are the ones who are most impacted when catastrophic storms strike.

At that point, both homeless and stray animals are seeking for a secure spot to hide, but finding one is not always simple, and the situation just serves to remind them of how cruel life can be.

Poverty has no bounds, and one woman determined to alter the world of kittens by providing them with little beds.


To ease the pain, a group of good-hearted volunteers joined in a modest effort that is making a difference in the lives of countless kittens.

These are low-cost, readily built homes that provide shelter and security for street cats. A lady in Yenifoça, Izmir province, came up with the concept (Turkey).

“Now we are good and hardened.”

To keep the kittens warm, I cut the water bottles and put them together on a sturdy silicone board. In our garden, I laid blankets and mattresses and set up a cat house. This is an idea I saw on Facebook. It’s a cold day. “Maybe you want to do it too,” wrote Yeşim Yücel.

The publication has already been shared thousands of times and is going around the world

The article was accompanied by photos that showed how basic yet cozy these shelters can be for a homeless kitty.

The bottles used by this woman are little, so they can only be used to shelter kittens, but anyone who wants to build them larger may also use them to shelter pups.

For the time being, Yeşim Yücel’s plan seemed to have worked, as her idea was favorably accepted, and a number of friends and strangers agreed to join her in launching this phony campaign in support of the vulnerable kittens.

Several kittens have already benefited from this wonderful endeavor.


It is known that some neighbors close to the woman tried to create some shelters, but it is probably a great idea for those who dare, to share the results as well.

The woman was very excited when she saw how when they started to deposit makeshift beds in the street, the kittens ran happily to lie down. It seemed like they knew full well it was for them and even rejoiced knowing that tonight they would no longer need to endure the cold ground of the road.

Reading those experiences or looking at pictures of kitten houses can delight any hesitant.

The concept conveys the message that each of us can help save a life. It is not about making excuses for not doing something wonderful for the most vulnerable, such as a lack of resources. We’ve already seen what happens when you truly love something basic and do it with love.

There are millions of homeless animals on the streets across the world, but they will never outnumber the number of humans who live there, so a pinch of devotion and drive might help turn the situation around.

This is a very simple concept that has the potential to change many lives; the initiative of this Turkish woman should infect the rest of the globe with the desire to stand in solidarity and put ourselves in the shoes of the most vulnerable. No one is turned away from an inn!