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Funny Posts That Show How Cats React When They See Their Owners Use Cat Filters

Pets are great. They are a nice company, fun to play with, they give us comfort when we are sad. And they are excellent to mess with.

They are so adorable; it is hard not to mess with them.

Cat and cat filters are a story of their own. Cats have greatly developed senses, they are aware of any change, and that makes them highly susceptible to this prank.

There are no official studies of how this affects cats’ psychic wellbeing, so you can do it without feeling guilty.

We have collected some of these videos on the internet. With so many of them, it is hard to decide which one is the funniest.

Look at some cats that are totally confused when they see their owners with cat faces.

2. That is one confused cat.

3. This cat can’t believe this transformation.

4. That is one terrified cat.

5. This cat is like: Wow!

6. This cat is like: What is happening?

7. This cat is struggling with an existential crisis: “if my owner is a cat, what am I? “