Dog braved it through a burning house to save his Kitten best friend

An unsung hero, a very loyal and brave forever friend, deserves a medal! ❤️

This is ultimate definition of true unconditional love of just how loyal animals are. ❤️ How special is that…! 🐶❤️❤️

This is brave dog taking the ultimate risk for love and friendship! A few years back when a building had a huge explosion causing a fire to break out.

Extreme fla.mes and thick smoke engulfed the surrounding area, including a few homes that were in close proximity.
This caused the residents to rush out of their homes, with only enough time for them to collect their most valuable possession and their family pets.

When one of the residents released his dog from the front yard, expecting the pup to follow him to safety, the pup instead ran straight into the
Before long he saw his pup emerge from the fire, holding a kitten in its mouth, one that the family was unable to grab on their way out.

The dog and the kitten were best friends who spent many of their days hanging out and playing together.
The pup’s first instinct when he was released was to save his best friend, and not himself, what a hero!😘😘💖

Lots of love for this furry baby for saving his best friend 💖 A very brave dog to save this little kitten! 🐕❤🐈
What a sweet hero ❤…so beautiful…🌟🥰

We could learn a thing or two from animals 😘💖💖

God bless, help & protect this doggie & kitty…! 🙏🙏🙏


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