Adorable Guide Puppy Keeps Falls Asleep During His Initiation Photo Shoot

Meet Benny, a sweet young pup who was born at the Guide Dog Foundation, meaning he will ultimately fill a very important position.
He will either become a service dog for a veteran or first responder in need or a guide dog for someone who is blind or visually impaired.

Regardless of which path he takes, both involve enormous responsibility, but we think that Benny is up for the task.

Benny’s buddies from the Guide Dog Foundation took him to his initiation picture shoot when he was six weeks old.

Little Benny was obviously delighted to be the subject of their excitement as they took gorgeous images of him.

Unfortunately, Benny was in desperate need of a nap at the time the photo shoot was taking place. Here’s the adorable clip:

Benny attempted to hang on as the photo session got underway, but it was useless. He was past the point of no return as he entered a sweet slumber.

“During the shoot, Benny looked sleepier than ever, and we could see him starting to doze off, so we quickly began filming just in time to watch him slowly tip over,” Rebecca Eden, the internet marketing coordinator at the Guide Dog Foundation, told The Dodo.

“Our nursery staff and photographer were all giggling, and you can hear one staff member say, ‘Goodnight,’ as he dozes off.”

Despite Benny’s best efforts, his tiredness was simply too much, although we aren’t complaining as this really added to the cuteness of the pictures the photographer was able to take to announce Benny’s entrance into the program.

Benny has been trained successfully for seven months. He’ll one day make the ideal service or guide dog for a person who requires him.

But for now, it’s nice that he’s just the best at playing and sleeping.

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