Mother Golden Retriever Desperately Tries To Console Her Puppies With Her Favorite Toys

This is the heart-warming moment a golden retriever mom attempted to comfort her newborn crying puppies with their favorite toys.
The adorable scene showing the first-time parent seemingly clueless on how to proceed when her babies started crying was captured on camera.

You can see the mother pacing around the room before eventually picking up the stuffed toys and bringing them to her children.
Footage shows the animal parent pacing the living room in apparent anxiety as she looks for a solution to her babies’ cries.

Yami, the mother retriever, had given birth to her pups less than a month earlier and was a first-time mother.
She nudged one of the toys towards her children as if saying, ‘here you go, don’t cry,’ but as I’m sure all parents can agree, it’s never that simple.

The mother then went back out to bring more toys since the pups wouldn’t stop whining.
She showed an endearing cluelessness regarding what to do with her crying children.

Finally, after three hours of her efforts, the pups eventually snuggled together and settled down. Yami can be seen giving them loving stroked with her nose.

‘It was the first time I saw [her] doing this,’ the pet owner said. ‘Sometimes she would remain standing [while feeding] to avoid crushing them. I’ve also spotted her fetching warm clothes to [the puppies].’

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