Lost Baby Deer Mistakes Man For Her Mother And Warms Hearts

This is the moment when a sweet baby deer mistakes a man for its mother after he finds two young deer lying down on the side of the road.

The man who works as a logger stopped after seeing the pair lying down within 20 feet of each other with no mother in sight.
They already appeared to be weak and defenseless and looked to be in need of some help.

Most likely, their mother was foraging nearby for berries and other food to bring back to the children.

They had apparently taken advantage of the chance to relax and stretch their tiny legs.

However, resting down and taking in the scenery is not usually a luxury that prey animals like deer can take.

The logger turned on his camera and went to investigate after seeing the children weren’t fleeing. here’s the full video of the encounter:

At first, he thought that they might be injured. The two cute newborn deer, however, were content to simply relax and ignore the approaching man.

The more gullible of the two even gets up and approaches him, and this is the moment he mistakes him for its mother. In the video, you can see where it comes up to cuddle the man and stick its tongue out to show affection.

He replies to the tiny baby, which is barely taller than his knee, “Oh my God, they’re coming right to me. No, I’m not who you think I am.”

The kind-hearted logger directs them off the road and into the surrounding vegetation knowing mama is almost definitely nearby and may even be watching her offspring meet a new buddy.

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