Woman Finds Tiny Owl And Has Disney Best Time

Nikki Robinson, who is studying to rehabilitate wildlife, was packing after a hike, and when she was about to return home, she saw a mischievous cat crossing the street, which seemed to be going straight into a residential area, so she decided to follow closely to ensure that he arrived completely safe due to the cars crossing the road at the time.

The woman is sure that thanks to her knowledge, she can easily identify when an animal needs a little help, and fortunately she was in the right place to ensure that the cat was completely safe.

On the way while she was accompanying the cat from afar, something attracted her attention, she heard a faint noise coming from some nearby flowers, and to her surprise, it was a tiny owl.

Nikki told The Dodo:

“I heard what I thought was a wounded squirrel. [I] followed the sound and found a fluff ball among the wildflowers.”


Apparently, the little eastern owl had fallen from its nest and Nikki knew it was too small to fly on its own.

The woman remembers:

‘It was still close to the road. I looked for a nest or a hole in a tree, but couldn’t see anything. He was shaking a lot and he was worried about a head injury.’

Right away, she decided to call in some wildlife rehabilitators she knew and with whom she had previously worked; all agreed that the owl needed to be examined.

Nikki immediately located a box in her car and turned on the passenger seat heater and placed the box with the bird inside hoping that thanks to the heat it would stop shaking.

Nikki’s plan to maintain minimal contact with the wild baby during the trip was a complete failure; the owl was desperately looking for some attention, and was very insistent with it, of course, the woman gave in to the sweet pressure, and the rest of the trip the little feathered traveled very close to his new friend.

Nikki says:

“He kept trying to get out of the locked box. When I checked it out, it would jump on me and happily sit on the seat belt or on my shoulder. I’m sure he was just cold, but he stopped shivering when he snuggled against my cheek. “

Finally, the young woman left the owl under the care of a rehabilitation center, and there he was transferred to an incubator to warm his body; soon his health improved and he is now receiving the care he needs to return to nature safely.

You can enjoy beautiful wildlife photography on Nikki’s Instagram account.

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