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Will Smith ‘flooded with work offers’ Despite 10 Year Oscar Ban

We all know there is nothing like an amazing redemption story so it should come as no surprise that Will smith Is being “flooded with work offers” according to industry experts.

The Mirror UK reports that well-versed showbiz professionals have claimed the I Am Legend star could be lured to the small screen for a comeback – and will have offers to appear in lesser budget action films.

Smith’s future career and earnings lay in the hands of film studios as a “pause for thought” over how to treat Smith moving forward.

The actor, who was allowed to keep his Best Actor gong, will “in time” be tabled acting role deals, according to one US marketing consultant who insists Smith’s career is not over.

Marketing consultant Jeff Kelly told the Daily Star he thought the slap was “despicable” and the ban is “harsh but justified”.

He laid praise on the actor for his swift apology and said that “while quiet, there is still strong affection for him in sections of Hollywood”.

Kelly told the publication: “It appears too easy to write his career off, his fate is a little more complicated.”

He claimed that Hollywood loves nothing more than a redemption story and comeback.

The expert suggested Smith take some time off but that “there will be offers on the table from producers looking to work with him”.

He explained: “Smaller budget companies will want to bring him on board to make movies, most likely in the action genre, using his name and cache, which they believe audiences still value.”

But the industry insider admitted that ultimately his appeal status will be determined by moviegoers.

However, with cinemas currently quiet, Smith will have to time his return for when they fill up again in order for his career to be a success once more, Kelly claimed.

His other option is the small screen, said the expert. “The Oscars centres on films, so TV networks hiring him in some capacity are not off the table.”

“It is very difficult for many to see a future for Mr Smith following the furore. But Hollywood has always dealt with things differently.

“This will not be the end for Smith. He still has allies in the business, who while silent now, feel that one mistake should not mean an end to a lifetime of entertaining audiences.

“And certainly, if he wanted to pick up work in smaller budget pieces, there will be options out there for him.”