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When His Parents Become Engaged The Dog Has The Best Reaction

Meet Sonny, a sweet-natured puppy that adores Madison and Jack, his adoring owners.

The three has made many great memories together as a family on their journey through life. However, it has now been confirmed that the best is yet to come.

While on a recent vacation to a beach near their house, Jack planned to surprise Madison by proposing to her. As usual, Sonny was also present.

Madison told The Dodo, “Seeing Jack on one knee was extremely emotional.” “For a long time, I’ve wanted to marry him.”

Madison wasn’t the only one who was looking forward to the couple’s engagement. Sonny had the best reaction, as if recognizing the emotional significance of that momentous event for his mother and father:


Of course, Madison accepted Jack’s proposal. Sonny, in his own way, did as well.

That added to the joy of the occasion.

Madison remarked, “I started weeping right away.” “I couldn’t help but giggle when Sonny started having the zoomies since he was moving so quickly.” I believe I knew at that point that I had all I wanted in life.”

Sonny has every reason to feel the same way, given the affection that surrounds him.