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What Happens to the Body When There’s a Long Break From Intercourse

When the Abominable Abstinence Witch casts a dry “spell” on you, getting back on the saddle can feel like a victory for all of mankind. This impressive feat, however, is likely to feel a bit overwhelming to achieve.

You will inevitably be concerned about what could happen to your body after having sex post-hiatus. Will you shrivel up like a raisin? Close shop like a Venus fly trap? Sprout “anti-man” booby traps on your vaginal walls? Well, worry not. All the answers to your burning questions are below.

Will it be easier to orgasm?
It might actually take you longer to achieve orgasm after not having sex for a long time. Part of the brain shuts during this biological response, and you must therefore “surrender,” in some way, to the sensation. If you are not accustomed to letting go like this, it could take some getting used to.

Will you have trouble getting aroused?
During a dry spell, your vagina sort of gets out of the “habit” of lubricating itself in preparation for penetration. For that reason, it might take a little bit longer than you are used to to get aroused.

Can you become a virgin again?
No. Regardless of the length of your dry spell, your vagina will never physically return to its pre-first-time state. It might tighten (particularly in post-menopausal women) or lose elasticity, but you will not regrow your hymen nor look the same aesthetically as you once did.

What will happen to your libido?
Despite popular belief, going a long time without having sex generally decreases your libido, while having sex consistently generally increases it. This positive feedback loop might even make you lose interest in sex altogether during your dry spell. That’s why jumping back in for the first time in a while could really put your sexual engine into overdrive.

Will you forget how to have sex?
Although you will inevitably feel a bit rusty after having skipped practice this season, so to speak, you will likely still get into a natural rhythm with your partner and quickly “remember” what to do. It’s like riding a bike—once you know how to do it, you are not likely to forget. Truth be told, your anxiety about this impending event is likely to be more of an issue than the act itself.