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TikToker Reveals She Did Not Get A Job Because Of Her Voicemail Greeting

A Tiktoker recently went viral when she shared a voice mail left on her phone by an HR professional who was handling her job application.

According to reports, TikToker Zanaya Jones claimed that a voicemail greeting prevented her from landing a new job.

In his voice note, he called Zanaya out for being unprofessional, suggesting her greeting was inappropriate.

Listen below:



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This is her voice mail:



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Some of her followers said she dodged a bullet and many said the guy in HR wanted a robot, not an actual person.

Read a few opinions below:
After hearing your VM recording, gotta say you dodged a bullet. That guy has 0 personality.

another saying they saw nothing wrong with her greeting:

Are you serious😐 he acting as if ur using a bunch of foul words, it’s literally ur personality, he wants a robot to work for him, his loss

Enchantress_Kay 🧚🏽‍♀️
Lmao .. This voicemail is childish but it shouldn’t have stopped you from getting a job. He’s miserable. Be glad you didn’t get hired.

Lexi Kudlacz-Fenninger
We are not born to work and die, we are meant to enjoy our lives. Companies like to think they own you.

Jessica Metzler
why does everything we do need to be “professional” for work? like that’s our only purpose in life?

Kylah Alyce
“Sorry Miss Jones, we see you have an actual personality and we’re looking more for corporate robots. It’s a no from us”

Yup you can actually submit a complain- your voicemail doesn’t mean that you don’t qualify to do a job. This company is a red flag 🚩

BB 🌽⭐️
employers: “there’s a employee shortage! no one wants to work!” same employers: “ur personal voicemail greeting was too unprofessional”

Zee Carter
As a recruiter your voicemail has nothing to do with your ability to your job.

The employer was allegedly Harris Teeter according to details on Zanaya Jones

What do you think? Was this recruiter out of line? Comment below.