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Street cat sits under the window of fire station on cold snowy day asking for help

Once a miracle happened in Steinbach Fire Department, Canada. A stray cat approached the window of the fire station and begged for help as it was a severe cold outside. an attendant was surprised when he walked by and saw the small cat there.



The firefighters were afraid that the cat would freeze outside and let her in. The cat was hungry and dirty. After getting what she needed first the chief of the department named Kelvin decided to take her to his house where he did have other pets too.




The kind man took the cat to the veterinary clinic where she was thoroughly examined. The man posted her photos on Facebook but as nobody responded it was clear that she was a stray cat. So Kelvin took her to the vet again where she got a vaccination and was ready to have a permanent home. The man posted her story and photos and the response wasn’t delayed. Many people wanted to adopt her and Kelvin found a warm and safe place.