Stray cat miraculously survived when he was hit by a bus and lost his eye

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found an injured cat that had been searched for over two weeks. After posting on social media, contacting local veterinarians, and posting a poster, the cat was found after about two weeks of days.

He was rushed to a veterinary clinic where his severe head injuries were treated. His jaw was broken, so he could not eat and was very weak. As a result of the accident, one eye was damaged and had to be removed.

One of the assistants said that he was a real hero who was able to overcome everything that happened in his difficult life.

The crew named him Trudy. The cat stayed with them for about six months to recover, and all this time everyone began to love him very much. They didn’t want the cat to leave them, but it was long overdue.

The assistant helped the nurse restore the cat to health. She said that the cat will bring a lot of joy and love to a good and loving family. He is still small and loves to play, cuddle and sleep on people’s laps.

Dennis and his partner Shirley come together to give the cat the perfect home for a lifetime. They said they love cats very much and decided to adopt someone who had a difficult past to show what it’s like to live in a loving family and be loved.

The employees then shared the good news on their page. They were very happy to report that Trudy the cat has made a full recovery and has finally found his perfect home!

Trudy feels very well in her new family. He does not need anything, he naps all day in the sun and watches the birds.

Dennis said that the cat is amazing, loves fairy tales and is doing well, he can sleep wherever he wants: on an armchair, sofa or in bed.

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