Shaquille O’Neal buys 10 pairs of shoes for georgia boy, 13, with size 18 feet after single mom’s plea.

When Shaquille O’Neal was planning to go to the prom at the age of 18 his father was looking around to find a pair of penny loafers of size 18. Just then the owner of Friedman’s shoes, Bruce Teilhaber offered the pair of shoes for free.

Since then O’Neal has been buying shoes from him although he has grown to size 22. The kind act of Bruce still holds a place in O’Neal’s heart, so in a recent incident, he stepped forward to help a teen from Atlanta who has been witnessing the same situation.

Zach Keith a 13-year-old boy from Atlanta fits in a shoe of size 18. Zach is a basketball player and with his specialty size his mom, Brittany finds it difficult to afford the shoes. Hence when CNN affiliate WGCL reached O’Neal for help, he lend his helping hand without any hesitation.

WGCL’s Sharon Reed and O’Neal presented Zach Keith with 10 pairs of shoes, Keith and his family were surprised by the kind act.

Keith said, “Whoa! Out of all people, he wants to buy me shoes”. “This would help us a lot, I won’t bother about buying dress shoes for him. It has been difficult to get the shoes that fit him so for nearly five years he hasn’t had a pair of shoes. It was very heartfelt and touching for me”.said Brittany Keith.

O’Neal said to the station that the situation reminds him of his past experience. He said, “Bruce was there for me and I just return the favor that Bruce did for me.”

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