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Senior Dog Who Fell Through An Icy Pond Is Rescued By Brave Firefighters

An older dog was out walking with his family near a partially frozen pond when suddenly he fell through a thin piece of ice. Firefighters from Elsmere and Cranston Heights fire departments were able to rescue 13-year-old Boo, the senior dog, from the pond in Winter 2011 in Greenville, Delaware, near Carriage Road.

In footage shared by Delaware news, we can see the firefighter crew quickly working to rescue the dog. Boo lets out a yelp at the beginning of the video, alerting everyone that he is in a dire situation. Three of the men were in a small boat and were breaking the ice as they slowly made their way toward the stranded dog. Fortunately, Boo was able to keep his head out of the freezing water while firefighters made their way through the frozen pond.

Once they got close enough, the firefighters were able to lift Boo out of the water and into the safety of the boat. The men quickly made their way back to shore, moving much faster now that they already broke a path through the ice. Once back on land, there were more firefighters standing by with blankets to immediately wrap the dog up and try to administer warmth as they made their way to the emergency veterinarian.

While there, this extremely fortunate dog was given a perfect bill of health to the relief of his worried family. It seems that the family learned a valuable lesson about walking their dog near a frozen pond without a leash. Keep reading to learn more about how often dogs can fall through the ice and what to do in that situation.

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The Norton Fire Department in Norton, Ohio, shared photos and video footage of a dog struggling in the middle of a mostly frozen pond before it was rescued. “This afternoon we were called for a dog through the ice on a pond. This is always very dangerous, as the pet owners will always attempt to rescue their pet, understandably. They are family! Today had a great outcome for all involved!” the fire division wrote on Facebook.

The Coloradoan shared an article about what to do if your dog falls through the ice and their main advice is to never try to go after the dog. “If the ice isn’t strong enough to hold a dog, it’s not going to be strong enough to hold a person,” Poudre Fire Authority Captain Jon McKeon said. If you also fall in then, the rescue team is going to have a much more difficult time saving both you and your pet.

McKeon added, “Dogs do a pretty good job of holding themselves tight until we can get to them.” This was true for Boo, who we saw was able to hold himself up through the hole in the ice until rescuers arrived to save him.

The publication also warned that:

“Ice thickness is not consistent. Water currents, particularly around narrow spots and bridges, are always suspect for thin ice. Beware of ice around partially submerged objects, such as trees, logs, embankments or dam structures. And stay away from cracks, seams, slushy areas and darker areas that signify thinner ice.​”

Have you ever seen a dog fall through a frozen lake or pond? What would your response be? Let us know what you think, and be sure to send this on to your friends and family who live in cold climates.

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