Restaurant staff sing “Amazing Grace” to man dying of brain tumor as he eats his final meal

Getting older sometimes brings with it a host of physical problems, including not being able to get around like you used to, suffering from body aches and pains, or even starting to forget things. And while these are signs of aging, they can also signify other more serious problems.

For U.S. veteran Lyle Chauvin, his diagnosis of incurable brain tumor was heartbreaking. Fortunately, his friends and family, along with a caring restaurant staff, were able to give him a bittersweet sendoff at his favorite restaurant.

An incurable brain tumor


Captured on video, the sendoff took place at a Cajun-style restaurant called The Little Big Cup, Chauvin’s favorite restaurant in Louisiana. One of the side effects of his brain tumor was the loss of his memory. So, his family was shocked to learn that he remembered the restaurant.

Honoring one of Chauvin’s final wishes

Happy to honor what would probably be one of his final wishes, Chauvin’s family gathered with him at the location for the last time for a Sunday Brunch. As he sat there surrounded by the ones he loved most, his favorite song began to play over the restaurant’s speaker system, “Amazing Grace” as sung by Home Free and Peter Hollens.

Playing a tribute song


As Chauvin sat there, tears in his eyes, his family, the restaurant staff, and even some of the other patrons joined in to sing along. The song is meant to inspire a message of love, faith, and peace and sends the message that even in your darkest hour you can find grace in something beyond yourself.

The video goes viral


Thank Y’all”

Being there for each other


The video is a sign of the love Chauvin’s friends and family have for him and a perfect example of people coming together to support each other during times of uncertainty. Chauvin was touched by the show of love and respect for him by his friends, family, and the restaurant staff.

For the heart-wrenching tribute to Lyle Chauvin, watch the video below.

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