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Nadia, Beautiful Kitty Rescued from the Streets. She Was “Mangled…”

We here at The Best Cat Page recently stumbled upon this story and want to pass it along to the members of our page also …

Meet Nadia!

Viktor of Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue writes:

“We don´t know exactly what happened to her, but we know that for days, Nadia, a tiny tortoiseshell kitty carried her mangled body along the streets in search of a safe place to hide and tend to her wounds.”

Some of her wounds will never heal.

Nadia suffered from a mangled, gangrened leg, with fractures in three different parts of the bone threatening to shut down her entire system due to septic infection. Also a dislocated shoulder whose nerves have been stretched and torn.

“For days, Nadia hid under cars, moving from one to another. She waited at the supermarket door in the hope someone would give her some food,” Viktor writes.

‘Judging by the advanced state of dehydration she wasn´t successful… she didn´t eat or drink for days.

‘Someone alerted us and asked us for help…. the kitty needed a miracle, they told us. We knew she wouldn´t survive for long on the streets.. sooner or later she would collapse and never get up again.

When Nadia arrived to us she was barely responsive, her system was shutting down, it was nearly impossible to find a way to inject fluids.”

Please watch Nadia’s video below:

“We´ve had to give her a blood transfusion to make her go through the night…. little by little she´s gathering strength. She needs to be stable before going into surgery…

‘We only have 24, at most 36 hours to try to stabilise Nadia and get her into surgery. If she is going to live, we are going to have to amputate her leg at shoulder level. The damage is too great to consider a prothetic solution of any kind.”

This is Nadis one week after her surgery …

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/ViktorLarkhillOfficial/videos/1115329721845506/” width=”680″ height=”380″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Viktor writes, “Nadia’s recovery has continued this week. Her incision is healing and she is getting used to walking on three legs.”

Thank God this adorable kitty is now off the streets.

Photo/video credits: Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

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