Momma Deer Introduces Her Newborn Kids To Her Best Companion Dog

The animal realm has some of the most amazing, but unique friendships, but nothing compares to the wonderful relationship that exists between a Golden Retriever and a wild deer.

These two odd companions have been best buddies for almost a decade and brilliantly demonstrate what the animal world is all about. Everyone should meet G-Bro, the sweetest golden retriever, and Buttons, a rescued deer!

G-human Lorrie, Even though she had no idea what to do, Bro’s tried to aid when she noticed a deer had been hit by a car 11 years ago. She did decide to adopt the unfortunate wild animal as a foster kid, though. But she had no clue that her wonderful gesture would change the lives of both the deer and her dog.

Lorrie recalled, “When we initially rescued Buttons, we had a friend who had reared a deer, and someone phoned them and reported a mom deer had been hurt.”

“They contacted us, and we eagerly accepted… It required a lot of effort, but our ultimate aim was for her to be free while simultaneously being a member of the family.”


Lorrie and her family were not thrilled when Buttons fully recovered and it was time for her to be released back into the wild, but they gradually accepted it.

Buttons, surprisingly, did not want to leave her adoptive family, particularly her best friend G-Bro. So, even after her release, the devoted deer continued to pay visits to her loving companions.

The rescued deer continued to enjoy hanging out with her companion dog and the family’s cat even after a year had gone. As a result, everyone became accustomed to Buttons’ unannounced visits.

“Buttons will simply come up at the door,” Lorrie said, “and that’s when you know she wants to see her pal.” “If you don’t answer the door in a timely manner, she’ll paw at it.”

But the most surprising visit was when the deer showed up with her two babies next to her side. Although the two fawns were only a few day old, Buttons wanted to introduce them to her dearest friend and to the family that saved her life.

Unsurprisingly, G-Bro immediately fell in love with Buttons little ones and he even helps her friend with the maternal duties.


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