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Mom Captures Sweet Moment During Son’s Swim Lesson With Teacher & The Internet Is Smitten – Video


Mom Captures Sweet Moment During Son’s Swim Lesson With Teacher & The Internet Is Smitten – Video

A nine-month-old baby and his swim instructor are the cutest friends and had a heartwarming moment during their swimming lessons and now the two are going viral on TikTok. Tracey Martorana put her nine-month-old son, Lucas in a group for taking swim lessons at three months at Saf-T-Swim located in Wantagh, New York.

Lucas doing his swim classes immediately formed a bond with one of his swim instructors, Carlson Rogers, and from then onwards he has done his private lessons with him once a week. Tracey Martorana said, “Being a pa-ndemic baby, our circle is really small. He knows the grandparents immediate family and then there’s Carlson. Carlson is a part of our crew.”

She said that Carlson is the best swim instructor for her son, Lucas because he does not push Lucas too hard and goes with the flow. If anytime Lucas starts crying, Carlson would slow down and would give him time to sort it out, but if the baby is splashing, as he loves splashing, he would let him do it, go along with him and play with him.

Tracey Martorana said, “I love watching the relationship. Carlson is a big strapping man and Lucas loves to hug him and hold onto him.” In their recent swim lesson, Tracey took a video of a touching moment between her son and the swim instructor and posted it on TikTok. She said, “The comment section is hysterical. Everyone loves Carlson. I think it was just something important for people to see. Love knows no bounds.”


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