Meet The Millionaire Who Spent His Entire Fortune On Saving Stray Dogs

The true meaning of puppy love.

In 2012, Chinese millionaire Wang Yan established a rescue shelter in Changchun city.
He was inspired to do so when he sadly lost his own beloved dog in the same year, most likely to a slaughterhouse.

He has since then spent nearly every penny in his name on the centre for the dogs.
Wang, aged 29, has spent millions on the rescue of over 2,000 stray pups, saving them from the slaughterhouse, as reported by The People’s Daily Online.

Wang has a statue of a dog in the centre which he prays to.

Currently, there are in excess of 200 dogs in a range of breeds being cared for at the centre.
Wang’s generosity has given them a chance at a new life.

There are currently over 200 dogs at the centre, all a variety of breeds. Wang has given them a new life.
Wang earned his millions in the Chinese steel industry, around 14 years ago.

Everything he has earned has gone on the centre, food for the dogs as well as their medical care.

On losing his own dog, Wang told reporters:
‘I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail. Finally, someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.’


We need more people like Wang in this world!

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