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Lady complaint for burger king staff, Your clothing is distracting my husband

Recently a post by a Burger King employee went viral in which she has been flame broiling a Karen for creating a dispute that her tasty buns from her uniform are distracting her husband. In a video, the women recognized as Lala is in fast food staff who is criticized the Karen lady who complain to her for her buns,

that are drawing away her husband. On tiktok, the video grabbed the limelight with millions of likes and over 14.8 million views. Lala is mother of one kid and a biochemistry student. In the viral video she gave 360 degree view of her body.

In the video, She wore hip fitting black jeans along with loose fitting Burger King shirt and coupled with hat. And, then she gave her 360 degree view of her body in the outfit to her online audiences to reveal the bountiful buns which was an objection to be the reason of distraction by a Karen.

In her video she said that next time she will keep her bun at home and captioned the video by writing Girl f**k you. After the video went viral a lot of people started praising and supporting her and also they are commenting against the unnamed Karen.

The video got over 40k comments in which people supported fast food company staff lala and made joke on unnamed Karen. People are saying instead of complaining about lala, Karen should deal with her husband because he is the one who was starting.

They were also saying that Lala was not at fault for distracting Karen’s husband. In the comment section many people are appreciating the beauty of lala and saying that they cannot blame the man for looking at her beauty.