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Kitten Rejected By Mom Due To Her Tiny Size, Is Accepted by Benny – an Experienced, Loving Cat “Dad’!

A tiny kitten who was born just half the size of a normal kitten was rejected by her mother.

This is the story of Winifred!

Winifred has a brother who was also rejected by mom because of his tiny size. Perhaps she didn’t believe that they would survive, so she decided to nurse only her stronger babies.

A kind woman by the name of Ellen Carrozza took care of the kittens. She works with complicated cases such as these and actually has an incubator.


And so, she fed the babies with a tube instead of a standard bottle because they were so small. When Winifred was two weeks old she was still the size of a newborn.

Her brother, sadly, didn’t survive.

“He passed two days later suddenly in his sleep, which is common for kittens of this size,” Ellen explained.

At 19 days old, Winifred was the size of a kitten who was about one-week old.

“She is starting to interact more, be affectionate, purrs, and can see and hear fully now!”


She was treated like glass and that’s around the time Benny, who is a rescue himself, stepped in to give Winifred the kitty love she so needed and up to now, was denied.

Being a good cat dad was something that wasn’t new for Benny. Over time, he has taken several mommy-less kittens under his wing!

What a hero!

“She will let him groom her, sleeps with him and shares meals each time. Benny will also sleep next to the incubator at night either on his cat tree that is next to it or on my head since the incubator is on my nightstand. He is always the first to alert me if the kittens are up,” Ellen noted.


At just about 43 days now, this little micro kitty weighs just 11 ounces, “which is still tiny in stature but structure wise she is normal and acts normal for her age.”

Winifred loves cuddling with the other foster babies and she is getting bigger and stronger each and every day.

Every milestone is celebrated!

“We take every day as a blessing,” Ellen concluded.

We here at The Best Cat Page wish Winifred and Benny the best!


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