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Girl Miraculously Adopted Her Childhood Bestie After 8 Years Apart

What are the chances of meeting your old friends coincidentally after so many years of separation? Well, it rarely happens among humans, let alone a human and an animal. But actually it does occur sometimes! If you are looking for a feel-good story to believe in miracles, this one is right up your street.



Nicole Grimes was only 8 years old when her nana gave her a puppy that she desperately hoped for, since she was the only child in her family and always felt lonely back then.

“My mom and she picked me up from school one day and I saw the puppy sitting on my nanas lap in the car with a pretty pink bow in her hair,” the girl shared her bittersweet story on Facebook. “I just loved her to death.”




The little pup named Chloe was her sunshine, her everything. Sadly, their admirable friendship only lasted for about four years. It ended in tears as her dad got a customer service job at home that required absolute tranquility and the family was forced to give Chloe up since the pup barked too much.



All of their efforts to find Chloe a new family was in vain, so they had to surrender the poor dog to a shelter. Nicole never knew what happened to Chloe afterward, but she had always thought about her dear friend. Nicole even remembered Chloe’s birthday – October 26.

8 years went by in the blink of an eye and then one day, the grownup Nicole suddenly came up with the idea of finding her 4-month-old daughter a new friend, she hoped that the two could be just close as she and her Chloe once were. That’s when she accidentally saw a post on Facebook about a senior dog looking for a new home.




The older dog not only looked like Chloe, she even shared the same name and the same age! The strange coincidences immediately took Nicole’s breath away. Without a second thought, she quickly brought the dog home to live with her in her new family in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, not far away from her parent’s home.

What’s even weirder was that the “new” Chloe not only looked like Chloe, but also acted like Chloe. They were so similar that Nicole started to believe she’d just found her beloved friend again!



“When we got her, right away she just fit right in,” Nicole recalled. “There was just something about her!! As the day went on, different things she did/how she acted was EXACTLY what my old Chloe did.”

Even though her husband doubted it, Nicole still believed that the dog was none other than her beloved Chloe.




“I was holding her and just cried and cried because that dog was hugging me back and I just held her close to my heart,” she wrote. “I just knew in my heart this was my Chloe.”

Nicole asked her mom to call the shelter where they had Chloe chipped years ago to get the dog’s number. And after a quick visit to the vet, it turned out that Chloe was, indeed, her Chloe!



“My mom has prayed lately for a sign from my nana and we know this is it,” Nicole continued emotionally. “I am so happy, excited, blessed to have this beloved dog back and to get to love her for the remainder of her life. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever see this dog again but here she is.”

It’s a little sad that they missed all those years, but thankfully this story still has a happy ending. Congratulations on your reunion, you totally deserve each other.