Get a cat, they said. It will be fun, they said. But no one warned that cats are such bastards

Cats are wayward creatures with their own rules and outlook on life. They can behave well and then pick up and tear up your morning paper just because they feel like it. You can expect anything from them, but we still love them, no matter what. Internet users have shared photos of their furry pets, who decided to damage a little.

1. “We made a cat door”

2. “That’s impudent!”


3. “It is immediately clear who is the boss in the house.”

4. “I think it’s time to talk to my cat about ‘these’ days.”


5. “Your child can sleep on the floor.”

6. “She thinks you can play chess around her.”


7. “This is the face of a cheeky man who ate three charges last night. I believe that this is the face of revenge, but not remorse. “

8. “This is what happens when I try to do something without paying attention to the cats.”


9. “My cat ruined the whole game when I played the strongest card.”

10. “This is my cat Riker and I have no idea what he is doing.”


11. “Well, something like that”

12. “Take the cat,” they said. It will be fun, they said. “



13. “I’ll play with my new toy in the house.”

14. “I’ll wipe everything myself!”


15. “Are you eating a tuna sandwich?”

16. “My cat is trying to be me. Next time, he will probably go to school “


17. “Did you want to read the news?”

18. “Do you have to lie on flowers to smell them?”


19. “What is a child?”

20. “I’m trying to put together a puzzle, but the cat decided that this box is for her.”


21. “No, you won’t wash your car today!”

22. “The hostess needs help in everything”


23. “Your water is always tastier”

24. “I thought it would be fun to come up here.”


25. “She decided that clean dishes lacked cat hair.”


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