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Family Discovers What Their Dog Does Outside When No One’s Watching

What precisely does Hamilton the dog do when nobody is looking?

That’s what: He’s having the time of his life.

Recently, Hamilton’s family set up a Ring security camera in their backyard to capture the happy pup in action when he’s on his own. And, well, it apparently doesn’t take long for things to get wet and wild.

“He’s always loved water. We wanted to see what he would do if he had the pool to himself,” Mary, Hamilton’s mom, said.

Reviewing the camera footage, here’s what she saw:

A pool party was being held in Hamilton. Hamilton was the only guest, but he didn’t appear to mind in the slightest.

His family is only pleased that his fun was documented on tape.

Mary responded, “I’m very glad for this memories. “Every time I see it, I laugh.”