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Cat Caught On Camera Comforting His Anxious Brother While Mom’s Away

When Ledger brought her another cat named Baby she couldn’t have imagined that he would become best friend for Nosey. Nosey was another lovely cat of Ledger.



They loved and trusted each other at first sight. Baby was brought to the family a year and a half ago and now is the inseparable member of the family.



The Truman Show

Once Ledger had to leave the two cat brothers at home with a pet sitter. Baby was very attached to his mom and he was very depressed. Ledger knew it and one day during their separation she decided to check the hidden camera to check what was happening with her lovely cats. And she discovered a miracle. Baby was desperately sitting in front of his brother Nosey when he leaned his head on Nosey. In its turn, Nosey started to lick his brother. Nosey comforted his brother as he knew that it was very difficult to be away from a mom.