Brave Polish Vet Goes To Ukraine To Save Over 300 Abandoned Pets From Being Put Down (18 Pics)

There are several war losses in the fight in Ukraine, where Russian forces have illegally invaded another nation.
Even though the human casualties are terrible in and of itself, many animals have also been relocated, hurt, and completely abandoned.

Jakub Kotowicz, a veterinarian from Poland, with a few other volunteers, hAVE determined that enough is enough and that they can no longer stand by while animals suffer unjustly.

So he planned a rescue mission inside Ukraine, and here is what happened.
Here is Jakub Kotowicz, a vet who has recently turned hero who still modestly sees himself as a “helping hand.”

He couldn’t just watch as violence broke out, so he traveled to Ukraine to aid the animals who had been left behind.

Animal cages and food supplies are crammed to the brim in the van on each journey.

Given that they had just experienced war, Jakub understood how difficult a long drive would be for them.

The vets don’t get much sleep. They’re prepared to make the sacrifice to save them.

Jakub had mentioned that many poor pets had to be put down because they simply couldn’t be saved.

The veterans also provide much-needed emotional support.

The appearance of the animals from the conflict area follows a pattern. Their eyes frequently display anguish and fear.

Each of these animals experiences severe PTSD symptoms.

Additional animal rescue groups from Ireland, Denmark, and numerous other nations also joined the effort.
The chaotic team of veterinarians and volunteers is purchasing cages, supplies, and other requirements like a van with all of the money.

In addition, new kennels are being constructed to house the inflow of rescue animals.

The animals express their appreciation for the kind veterinarians. The effort resulted in the rescue of around 200 cats and 60 dogs.

One of the saved is a little pygmy goat from Lviv by the name of Sasha.
Despite having infected legs, she is doing well and seems to be on the road to recovery.

The ADA Foundation, an animal rescue organization that Jakub started when he was 17 years old, will keep Sasha as a pet.

Around Europe, many people adopt these unfortunate rescues; some were even reunited with their Ukrainian families.

Some are already in a position to enjoy a well-earned break.

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