Brave dog saves his mom from mountain lion attack

We all know that dogs are humans’ best friends, and they, with no doubt, risk their lives to protect their owners, and this story is a great example! A woman called Erin Wilson and Eva, her dog, went for a walk, when she was attacked by a mountain lion!

While walking in peace, the woman was attacked by a lion, who attacked her and grabbed her! Seeing his owner in danger, Eva came to the rescue to fight the lion! Thankfully, Eva was able to force the lion away after hitting it!

The brave dog had an injury as he was attacked by the lion! Thankfully, Erin was also able to help her dog and let the lion go away using stones. She then called for help and finally some people heard her and took Eva to the nearest hospital.

The best thing was that the medical bills were also covered by GoFundMe user. Anyway, the dog, who is now recovering, is expected to be completely healed soon. What a hero! Watch the video below.

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