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After losing her home, the poor orangutan found the only thing that reminded her habitat

The homeless orangutan refused to leave the only thing stayed from her habitat.

The scene how this cute orangutan is sitting on the tree, the only thing that remained from her habitat, is very heartbreaking.

International Animal Rescue found her sad, lonely, with broken heart, who didn’t want to be separated from her lovely place.

Her habitat was destroyed in order to create new areas for palm oil plants.


Fortunately, the staff of the rescue centre arrived in time and transported the cutie to a safer place.

Because of the high prices of palm oil in Borneo and Sumatra , its requirement increased, so a lot of huge forests are destroyed for plantation. A great number of animals stay homeless and defenceless, who cannot survive because of the lack of food, bad conditions and forest fires. So two species of orangutans are in danger of extinction.

The rescue organisation does her best for supporting these poor creatures, because they are orangutans’ only hope. Losing the lovely habitat is stressful for any creature, especially when they don’t have another place for living.


IAR works 24 hours to help the defenceless orangutans and make their lives better and safer.