Abused Carriage Horse Can’t Believe It When He Sees His New Home

Femke Den Haas, founder of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) received a very distressing video of an old carriage horse being beaten and whipped several times after the exhausted horse collapsed on the ground and wasn’t able to get up. Although some people helped the horse back on his feet, his owner just kept on going with the abusive behavior and continued to force him to work.

Den Haas found out the horse’s name was Chester and she knew she had to help him. “Chester is not the first horse I have seen in this state — collapsing on the street and being hit. I have seen three other cases, including a fatal one,” she shared. As soon as she could, she went to visit Chester and his owner. The poor horse arrived in terrible shape, looking incredibly tired and just very unhappy overall. Thankfully, the laws support Chester, as beating animals is illegal in Indonesia and Den Haas was able to convince the owner to give him up, which he eventually did.

JAAN didn’t have a suitable place for Chester to live in but Den Haas was one step ahead, making arrangements for Chester to be located in the Arthayasa Stables. Once the very sad horse saw all the grass he would finally be able to roll in freely, with no more abuse and sadness ahead of him, he showed all his happiness and of course, threw himself in it to enjoy it as soon as he could! We’re happy to say Chester now has the life he deserves.

Scroll down for the video.

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