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A Large Bear Entered The Police Station And Walked Around Like He Own Place

A large black bear strolls into a California police station like he owns the place in footage that seems too surreal to be true. The incident was captured by the security cameras, and it is definitely not something you see every day!

The California Highway Patrol troopers working near Lake Tahoe were just going about their routine workday when they encountered a circumstance that they had never anticipated. Although they are accustomed to crossing paths with a variety of individuals, they were all taken aback when they awoke to find a bear in the apartment.

The short footage shows the massive bear walking into the facility on his hind legs, after casually opening the door. For a few moments, the unlikely visitor is starring at two vending machines placed next to the front door, then he continues his investigation through the office.

But the tough bear exits the building just as fast as he enters it. Seconds after he was caught on camera venturing in, the beast finds his way out as two officers are chasing him. He then lost his way into the parking lot, before getting into the wood.

Thankfully no one was harmed due to the incident. Even more, the officers actually made fun of the situation.

The brief video captures the enormous bear simply unlocking the door and entering the building while standing on his hind legs. The unexpected guest stares at the two vending machines adjacent to the entrance door for a little while before moving on to explore the workplace.

However, the strong bear leaves the structure as quickly as he entered it. The beast escapes while two police officers are pursuing him only seconds after he was shown entering the area on CCTV. He then became disoriented and wandered into the parking lot before entering the forest.

Fortunately, no one was hurt as a result of the incident. Furthermore, the cops actively mocked the circumstance.

“We always encourage visitors to stop by and say hi,” the California Highway Patrol joked. “Our officers don’t scare easily.”

Watch the incredible scene, below:

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, bear populations have exploded throughout California over the past 20 years, reaching a peak of 40,000 bears. Additionally, the authorities warn members of the general public to be extremely careful and attentive when they see a bear.

The officials said that in these situations, bears no longer exhibit caution and anxiety towards humans. “This might cause property damage and possibly put human safety at danger.”